Artificial Intelligence Coming to the Cleaning Industry

Robotic floor cleaners and vacuums have been a mainstay in U.S. households for the better part of two decades--mere child's play compared to emerging technologies in the commercial cleaning industry.

The Future of AI in the Commercial Cleaning Industry
To one degree or another, most people are familiar with the quirks and pains of the current iteration of cleaning robots.

Dirty Restrooms Affect Students’ Perception of Schools

Dirty school restrooms aren't just a health and safety hazard--according to new research, they send a clear message that the school does not care about its students.

The Impact of Dirty School Restrooms on Students
Regardless of intent, inadequately maintained school restrooms have sent a clear message to students that no facilities manager or district supervisor would be proud of.

Classroom Cleaning Checklist

With the new school year rapidly approaching, it's time for school administrators and faculty members to take a long hard look at the health and hygiene of their classrooms and take action to ensure a safe and productive new year.

Keeping Classrooms Safe and Healthy
On average, students in the United States spend between six to eight hours per day in the classroom.

Daily Disinfection Reduces School Absenteeism

A two-year study at a Florida school has provided exciting results regarding no-touch disinfection strategies and its impact on student health as measured through absenteeism.

A Florida School's Two-Year Disinfection Study Provides Promising Results
Flagler School in Bunnell, Florida recently completed a two-year study measuring the effects of routine cleaning and disinfection strategies involving no-touch, electrostatic disinfection appliances.

How to Green Your Business

Going green means more than just switching to environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and an experienced building service contractor (BSC) can help.

How to Green Your Business and Save Money
Greening your office can save you a ton of cash, with actions as simple as turning off lights in unoccupied rooms, switching to LED lighting, and placing green recycling bins around the workplace.

Cleaning Chemical Mishaps

Cleaning chemical mishaps are all too common and typically result in wide-scale evacuations, closed businesses, and injuries resulting in hospitalizations.

The Challenge of Custodian Caused Cleaning Chemical Mishaps
The custodial profession is fraught with sometimes dangerous challenges, ranging from repetitive motion injuries, slip and fall accidents, and toxic chemical exposure.

Sustainability Rebound Effect

The sustainability rebound effect is a common occurrence for schools and businesses who achieve their targeted sustainability goals and then effectively reverse course in conservation by increasing spending and resource use.

What Is The Sustainability Rebound Effect?
The sustainability rebound effect is defined as;
[...] the reduction in expected gains from new technologies that increase the efficiency of resource use, because of behavioral or other systemic responses.