Increasing Post Pandemic Cleaning Frequencies

As businesses across the country begin to reopen, facility sanitation and safety are top of mind concerns for staff and customers alike, prompting many a forward-thinking business owner to increase the frequency of their cleaning services.

Increasing Cleaning Frequencies to Protect Occupant Safety
According to a recent OpenWorks survey, businesses that plan on reopening over the next few weeks intend on:

Increasing cleaning frequency - 83%, and;
Adding additional regular disinfection services - 94%.

This is ideal, given the results of another OpenWorks survey of employees showed that:

Workers think their workplace should be cleaned every day - 73%, and;
More than half want their workplace disinfected daily as well.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene biohazard cleanup crews--often referred to as second responders--work around the clock to sanitize homes, businesses, and vehicles after investigators and forensic teams leave.

Crime Scene Biohazard Cleanup Services
Crime and trauma scene biohazard cleanup is difficult for obvious and not so apparent reasons.

Post COVID Facility Reopening Preparation

In preparation for reopening schools and businesses post-COVID-19, facility managers, building service contractors, and custodial staff will need to implement stringent sanitation practices to ensure the health and safety of all building occupants.

Post COVID-19 Cleaning Procedures to Prepare for Facility Reopenings
A chief concern for facilities managers, school administrators, and business owners preparing or already opening their classrooms and businesses is the health and safety of everyone.

COVID-19 Cleaning Checklist for Retail and Hospitality

The time has come for retail and hospitality businesses to start opening back up to the public, and that means taking extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of all facility occupants, including guests and employees.

Coronavirus Facility and Occupant Policies for Retail and Hospitality Businesses
The time is rapidly approaching for retail and hospitality facilities to reopen their doors to the public, which means each facility must be clean and hygienic with an ongoing plan in place to protect all facility occupants, including:

Policies regarding traffic throughout the facility, including restricting the number of occupants allowed in a facility at any time.

Post COVID-19 Cleaning Plan

As everyone returns to work, school, shopping, and dining after a prolonged quarantine, it is important for businesses, daycares, elementary schools, and universities to establish a cleaning plan that helps ensure the safety of all facility occupants.

Post COVID-19 Facility Cleaning Plan
Of the numerous activities, many of us cannot wait to return to pre-COVID-19 status; the manner and method for which we cleaned facilities are likely not one of them.

COVID-19 and The New Normal

Regardless of your position on the COVID-19 outbreak, the repercussions are real, and, at least for the time being, the new normal for businesses, schools, facility managers, and building occupants will require an adjustment to established routines.

Adapting to the New Normal of COVID-19
The lockdown and quarantine procedures implemented in an attempt to thwart the community spread of COVID-19 have established a new paradigm for which businesses, school administrators, students, customers, and other building occupants must adhere to, if for no other reason than to ensure that the facility in question remains open and able to operate.

Summer School Cleaning for Health

According to certain sources, summer school classes could be reopening in California as early as July to help bridge the gap in learning losses for the millions of students forced out of the classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cleaning Summer School Facilities After COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic forced an estimated 6.1 million California schoolchildren to abandon their in-class studies for the year, resulting in significant learning losses that Governor Newsom intends to address.

Dirty Carpets Reduce Facility Credibility

Regardless of the facility type, first impressions count, and they start with the floor, resulting in significant losses for businesses that fail to prioritize cleanliness and occupant safety.

Dirty Carpets Send Customers Walking
Everyone knows that first impressions count, but few are aware of where those impressions start or how quickly a prospective customer can be lost forever.