National Handwashing Awareness Week 2019

This year's National Handwashing Awareness Week was observed between the first and seventh of December as a concentrated effort to educate the populace regarding the importance of proper and consistent hand hygiene practices.

Observing National Handwashing Awareness Week
Consistent, high-quality hand hygiene, combined with routine high-performance cleaning and disinfection services, are the two best methods for eliminating the presence and spread of germs and bacteria in our homes, workplaces, schools, and everywhere in between.

Nail Salon Cleaning

Nail salons are home to numerous germs and bacteria that, in the absence of routine cleaning and disinfection procedures, will cause serious harm to salon workers and customers.

Nail Salon Germs & Bacteria
Due to the numerous and harmful germs and bacteria commonly present, a relaxing trip to a nail salon can quickly become a nightmare.

Clean Hands Save Lives

High-quality hand hygiene practices--dubbed the 'do it yourself vaccine'--is one of the single most important actions we can take to help prevent the spread of illness.

The Six-Step Handwashing Method That Saves Lives
Washing your hands, especially before and after certain activities is one of, if not the best method for preventing the spread of illness, even among those who are vaccinated.

School Closures Due to Illness

Recently, a spate of school closures due to preventable illness have headlined the news, underscoring the importance of high-quality infection prevention and control programs, especially among vulnerable groups, such as young children.

Schools Closing Due to Preventable Illness
Norovirus outbreaks have topped the headlines in the local and national news lately, resulting in the closure of multiple schools and potentially costing the U.S. economy millions of dollars in economic and healthcare costs.

Top Restroom Cleaning Challenges

The cleanliness and smell of a restroom can add a level of professional appeal to your business or send customers running for social media to complain.

The Top Restroom Cleaning Challenges Facing Businesses Today
An odd linchpin that unities both public-facing and private businesses alike are the cleanliness and smell of their restrooms and how that impacts their bottom line.

Avoiding Workplace Germs

It seems like germs are everywhere this time of year and, regardless of how well or often you clean your office or wash your hands, coming into contact with the cold or flu virus likely feels inevitable.

How to Avoid Germs in the Workplace
Hazards in the workplace are an unfortunate aspect of our daily lives.

Readdressing the Desk

Have you ever come into the office after a long relaxing weekend, looked at your desk, and wondered how many germs are crawling all over it?  Maybe it's time that you should.

Your Office Desk and What's Not Being Cleaned
Straight to the heart of the matter--there is a high probability that one-third of the items on your desk, and potentially throughout your office, are not being cleaned.