The Impact of Cleaning on the Health of Office Workers

Enhanced cleaning and targeted disinfection positively impact facility occupant health by reducing dust and pathogens, resulting in the improvement of indoor environment quality.

The Impact of Indoor Environment Quality on Occupant Health
Indoor surfaces and air have a major impact on occupant health, wellness, and productivity, specifically regarding the elimination of pathogens and dust found in the air and on surfaces.

Clean Desk Policy

March is the start of spring cleaning and is the ideal time to implement clean desk policies that aid in workplace safety, security, and hygiene while eliminating clutter and unhealthy distractions.

Why Your Business Should Implement a Clean Desk Policy
Clean desk policies provide several benefits to facility occupants and organizations, including:

Reduced occupant stress and improved focus.

Electrostatic Spraying

An increase in public cleanliness, safety, and hygiene due to the COVID-19 pandemic has driven demand for highly effective sanitation equipment and services, especially electrostatic spraying appliances and chemicals.

Public Fears Drive Demand for Electrostatic Spraying
Unease regarding the cleanliness of public facilities and distrust of other's personal hygiene has led to a demand for more efficient and effective cleaning services.

Rethinking Workplace Hygiene

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced facility managers, business owners, and school supervisors to rethink facility hygiene and reshape the way we approach surface sanitation, workplace wellness, and occupant health.

Workplace Safety and Hygiene Impact Worker Stress
Over the past year, stress has become a constant companion for many people, especially in the workplace where close quarters and high foot traffic collide with the constant fear of infection and concerns regarding facility sanitation.

Minimizing Facility Infections

Minimizing infections that originate from facility surfaces and air requires a combination of high-impact cleaning and disinfection services with updated ventilation systems.

Promoting Facility Hygiene to Minimize the Spread of Infection
Promoting high-quality facility hygiene can eliminate the spread of infection in the workplace and classroom by more than 90 percent through a combination of:


Workers Do Not Feel Completely Safe in Facilities

A significant percentage of employees from around the globe have expressed concerns regarding their personal health and safety due to sanitation and hygiene issues inside of the facilities they work in.

World Wide Workforce Expresses Health and Safety Concerns Inside Facilities
Recently, Honeywell conducted a survey of more than two thousand workers from the U.S., Germany, the U.K., and the Middle East in an attempt to understand their perception of safety in regards to a probable return to the workplace.