Consumer Confidence in Business Cleanliness High But Challenges Remain

Consumer confidence in business cleanliness is high going into the holiday shopping season, but challenges with personal protective equipment and disinfectant use remain.

High Consumer Confidence in Business Cleanliness
A recent study has shown a high level of consumer confidence regarding business facility cleanliness going into the holiday season.

The Benefits of Day Porter Cleaning Services

Day porter services can positively impact business financials, cleaning outcomes, facility hygiene, and occupant wellness and productivity.

Day Porter Cleaning Services Benefit Schools and Businesses
There are several advantages to implementing some form of day porter services in your school or businesses cleaning program, including:

The improvement of facility hygiene and the protection of occupant health via ongoing touchpoint and high-traffic area cleaning.

Flu Activity Picking Up in California Counties

While most of the rest of the country is reporting mild to moderate influenza outbreaks, several California counties, including Fresno, San Bernadino, San Luis Obispo, San Benito, and Santa Clara, are already reporting severe conditions.

Ready or Not, Here Comes the Flu
Early predictions that the U.S. could potentially experience a mild to non-existent influenza season appear to be wishful thinking.

Infection Prevention Application Safety

Preventing the spread of pathogens, mold, mildew, and bacteria is only half of the challenge.  The other half is doing it safely without compromising the health and wellness of service providers and facility occupants.

Assessing Disinfection Service Application Methods
Presently, there are several commonly employed disinfectant application methods, each possessing varying degrees of safety and effectiveness, including:

Trigger spraying
Backup and pump sprayers
Electrostatic sprayers
Applying the liquid directly to a cloth and then applying it to the surface

Trigger spraying has been one of the most popular methods of applying cleaning and disinfectant products for years but has recently fallen out of favor due to the atomization of disinfectant particles, which can cause serious health issues in service providers and other building occupants.

Controlling the Spread of Infection

Controlling the spread of infectious disease requires a deliberate and conscious series of actions that break the chain of infection and disrupt a pathogen's ability to move from host to host.

Controlling the Spread of Infection in Schools, Homes, and Businesses
Influenza, coronavirus, rhinovirus, and norovirus infections run rampant during the colder months and are especially dangerous to older and younger demographics with underdeveloped or compromised immune systems and those suffering from a wide range of severe health issues, commonly referred to as comorbidities.

Enhanced Disinfection Services Improve Hospital Hygiene

If one good thing could possibly be gleaned from the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, it is that the implementation of consistent, high-performance enhanced cleaning and disinfection services have improved hospital hygiene and patient safety.

Pandemic Prevention Improves Hospital Health and Safety
Secondary infections, also known as healthcare-associated infections, have been a blackeye on the U.S. healthcare industry for years, resulting in hundreds of thousands of additional illnesses and tens of thousands of deaths each year.

Advanced Disinfection Tools Demonstrate Viability Against SARS-CoV-2

A recent test of Boeing's advanced disinfection tools by Dr. Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona demonstrated significant progress in fighting COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Boeing's Advanced Disinfection Technologies Vs. COVID-19
A recent series of tests conducted by the University of Arizona's professor Dr. Charles Gerba on the efficacy of advanced cleaning tools onboard unoccupied Boeing passenger jets showed encouraging results in the fight against SARS-CoV-2.

The test was conducted against the bacteriophage virus MS2, which is considered more difficult to kill than SARS-CoV-2 using a UV wand that uses 222-nanometer UVC light, which research indicates effectively inactivates pathogens.

Preventative Disinfection

Preventative disinfection measures significantly improve the health and safety of occupied facilities by eliminating illness-causing pathogens, bacteria, molds, and mildews on high touch surfaces.

Preventing Infections Through High Touchpoint Cleaning Services
High touchpoints, a.k.a., fomites, are spots in every home, classroom, office, and publicly accessible facility that is regularly touched by people and include;

Playground equipment
Picnic tables
Kitchen sinks
Office desks
Computer keyboards, and;
Escalator handrails

Knowing what these fomites are and how to attack the germs and bacteria living on them is critical to public health.

Nursing Home Cleaning Amidst COVID-19

Nursing home and long-term care residents have been among the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, due in large part to their compromised immune systems and various comorbidities.

Protecting Nursing Home and Long-Term Care Residents With Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection Services
Nursing home and long-term residents were hit especially hard throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.