Clean Schools Can Engage Students

Studies have shown that clean schools help engage students, particularly when compared to their dirtier counterparts.

The Impact of a Clean Classroom on Learn
Cleanliness is a pillar of a healthy school.

Healthy schools are mandatory to ensure a safe, productive learning environment, and negative consequences typically follow in their absence.

Winter COVID-19 and Influenza Predictions

The current predictions from state healthcare officials paint a stark picture of this coming winter--one where a resurgence in influenza cases, COVID-19 variants, and other respiratory viruses combine to overwhelm hospitals and doctors' offices.

Forecasting the Impact of the 2022-23 Cold and Flu Season
Analysis conducted by Lysol Pro Solutions and BlueDot predicts several challenges during the 2022-23 cold and flu season that include:

The return of severe influenza outbreaks combined with a resurgence of COVID-19 cases (due in part to a predicted increase in air travel and indoor social gatherings) and new surges in other respiratory pathogens, such as rhinovirus and RSV.
An increase in hospitalizations due to respiratory infection--predicted to stress healthcare facilities across the country.

Norovirus Season

Winter is upon us, which means people will gather indoors where their proximity will inadvertently contribute to the challenging-to-control spread of norovirus.

The Burden of Norovirus Infections
The norovirus is a seasonal infection possessing several unique characteristics:

It is the leading cause of gastroenteritis worldwide.

A Clean Workplace Affects Employee Productivity

Several studies have demonstrated the direct connection between office cleanliness and workforce wellness, job satisfaction, and workplace productivity.

How a Sustainably Clean Workplace Affects Productivity
Sustainably clean workplaces have been shown to directly impact occupant health and cognitive functions, both of which are fundamental to high levels of workplace productivity.

The Benefits of a Clean Work Environment

Several studies have established a strong correlation between environmental cleanliness and workplace stress, concluding that the cleaner the workspace, the happier and more productive the employee.

The Relationship Between Workplace Cleanliness and Mental Health
Research suggests that, on average, U.S. workers will spend approximately 90 thousand hours in the workplace, translating to roughly one-third of their lives.