Restaurant Cleaning to Stop Pests

Maintaining a clean and hygienic restaurant inside and out is mandatory for owning and operating a healthy and profitable establishment.

High-Performance Cleaning Stops Restaurant Pests
Pest and rodent infestations are big problems for restaurant owners and managers--leading to potential fines, closures, and loss of reputation, all of which result in lost profits.

Cleaning Tips for Healthy Schools

Several outbreaks have shut down schools across the country in recent months due, in part, to the absence of regular high-performance cleaning services in the classrooms.

Preventing Outbreaks and Keeping Students Healthy
Parents, teachers, administrators, and school-aged children have it hard enough these days confronting the challenges of chronic absenteeism--especially where illness is acquired as a direct consequence of poor classroom maintenance.

Restroom Care Drives Business Performance

The level of quality and care dedicated to business restrooms has a direct impact on the business's performance and profits.

How Restroom Care Drives Business Performance
American consumers value well-kept restrooms--so much so that, according to the results of the latest Bradley Corporation Health Hand Washing Survey, nearly two-thirds of them are willing to shell out more cash for the privilege.

2019 nCoV

A great deal has recently been stated regarding the latest coronavirus outbreak--dubbed 2019 nCoV--much of it hyperbole and hysteria, with one or two interesting exceptions.

2019 nCoV Outbreak Information
The recent 2019 nCoV outbreak has sparked intense discussion across the internet, with many conspiracy theories arising as a result, and large media outlets fanning the flames in many regards.

Infection Control for Training Rooms

Infection prevention and control measures in training rooms, gyms, and fitness centers have a positive impact on occupant health by reducing their exposure to dangerous germs and bacteria commonly found in these types of facilities.

Infection Prevention and Control Programs for Traning Rooms and Fitness Centers
A recent study established evidence supporting the implementation of self-service infection prevention services, combined with professional infection control and education programs to combat the spread of dangerous multi-drug resistant bacteria and germs in training facilities.