Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

A high-volume of foot traffic combined with a complex working environment can make running a medical office chaotic, to say the least--something that can be simplified in vital ways by instituting and adhering to a thorough cleaning checklist.

The Ultimate Medical Office Cleaning Checklist
The cleanliness of your medical office is critical for several reasons.

KonMari in the Workplace

A cluttered workplace leads to distractions, stress, and contributes to cleaning challenges that can result in a filthy desk and equipment that is covered in germs, ultimately resulting in illness and absenteeism or presenteeism.

Cleaning With KonMari in the Workplace
Clutter in the workplace can be disastrous for personal health, profitability, and productivity, and can be a sign of underlying emotional and psychological challenges facing occupants.


Cross-contamination is an ongoing challenge facing all facilities maintenance and custodial service personnel and represents a significant barrier to the efficacy of even the best cleaning programs.

The Issue With Cross Contamination and How to Address It
To understand the issues with cross-contamination, you must first understand what it is and why it is a problem.

The Rise of Measles

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported a rise in confirmed cases of measles over the last two years--higher than any numbers reported in the previous two decades.

The Rising Case of Measles in the United States
The last decade has borne witness to several spikes demonstrating a troubling rise in confirmed cases of measles.

Germ Hot Spots in Restrooms

Restrooms are teeming with germ hot spots that can make us and everyone around us sick, but they're not always in the places that we suspect.

Identifying Germ Hot Spots in Restrooms
A series of recent studies have destroyed the (justifiable) expectations of public restroom occupants regarding the safe use of the facility-- specifically, the areas surrounding hand sanitation and hygiene, with one study identifying;
[...] genetic traces of more than 77,000 distinct types of bacteria and viruses in these spaces.