Swimming Pool Hygiene

Hot summer temperatures are just around the corner and for Southern California residents that means it's time to start swimming--just make sure the pool you and your children are swimming in isn't festering with germs and filth.

The Current State of Swimming Pool Hygiene
The fresh blue inviting water of a pool in the summer beacons would be swimmers with the promise of a refreshing dip and paddle around the pool.

Medical Office Cleaning Tips

Medical office cleaning requires the adherence to specialized cleaning practices and products to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria to custodial teams and facility occupants.

Tips for Cleaning Medical Offices
Medical offices, though similar in makeup and practice to many other businesses, are held to a much higher standard of cleanliness and hygiene than their conventional counterparts due to the highly contagious or vulnerable nature of their occupants and clients.

Implementing Eco-Friendly Business Solutions

Implementing eco-friendly solutions for your school or business isn't just good for the environment or the health and safety of the population, it turns out it's excellent for business profits as well.

Why Your Organization Should Implement Eco-Friendly Business Solutions
Schools and businesses of every type and size are under increasing pressure to implement environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices to counter the effects of decades of pollution and toxic waste being introduced into our air, water, and food supply.

Environmentally Friendly Offices

Establishing and maintaining an environmentally friendly office or classroom is rapidly becoming mandatory for schools and businesses who wish to remain competitive with the emerging workforce and student body.

Creating Environmentally Friendly Offices and Classrooms
When it comes to running and managing a forward-thinking business or school, every day is Earth Day, and your organization's cleaning program should be leading the way in regards to innovation, sustainable action, and environmentally friendly practices, including:

Environmentally conscious products and packaging.

Workplace TLC

Adding some time, love, and care to your workplace can have a significant impact on productivity, occupant health, and visitor satisfaction.

A Clean Workplace Equals More Money
It's a fact--the cleaner your office is, the healthier and more productive your employees are, all of which translates into increased profits, decreased costs, and drastically reduced absenteeism and turnover.

Office Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning your office or classroom will help remove problematic dust and clutter while providing a deep clean for a healthy and productive work and learning environment.

How to Spring Clean Your Office or Classroom
Over the long and busy winter months, classrooms and office buildings tend to accumulate quite a bit of clutter and dust that can negatively affect the health and productivity of building occupants and make the space unappealing to visitors.