World Hand Hygiene Day

The focus of this year's World Hand Hygiene Day, which falls on May 5th, 2022, is the establishment of an Institutional Safety Climate in healthcare facilities and other public organizations around the world.

Celebrating World Hand Hygiene Day, 2022
This year's World Hand Hygiene Day focuses on the World Health Organization's (WHO) fifth pillar of Multimodal Strategy for Hand Hygiene Compliance.

Going Green With Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, and more organizations than ever are getting involved in the process and taking the opportunity to implement green sustainable cleaning practices in their facilities.

Survey Shows Americans Going Green With Spring Cleaning
Recent data suggests that not only are most Americans planning on spring cleaning their work and living spaces this year, but nearly all of them are also considering ways they can reduce their environmental impact.

The Impact of Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services have a profound and immediate impact on the natural environment and human health.

If You're Not Cleaning, You're Polluting
As the world celebrates the 52nd annual Earth Day while exiting the most significant health challenge in decades, we must reassess our approach to cleaning--how it impacts people, indoor air quality and safety, and the natural environment.

Disinfecting Safely

A post-pandemic reassessment of disinfectant practices is needed to address the significant public health issues posed by the wide-ranging unsafe disinfectant use employed over the previous two years.

The Impact of Disinfectant Use on Human Health
Conventional commercial disinfectants are toxic, corrosive, and pose significant health and safety risks to the public.

Addressing the Challenge of Work-Related Stress

Given the wide range of economic, health, social, and political crises actively playing out today, an understandable uptick in anxiety, depression, and stress has been noted in workers across the U.S., resulting in adverse performance indicators.

The True Cost of Work-Related Stress
Work-related stress takes an incredible toll on individuals, families, businesses, and the economy.

The Benefits of Better Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality, which is directly affected by cleaning and disinfection practices, confers numerous benefits to schools, businesses, and facility occupants.

Why Your Organization Should Focus on Improving Indoor Air Quality
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently issued a Clean Air in Buildings Challenge in response to President Biden's National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.

How Pathogens Move Through Facilities

Preventing the movement of germs and bacteria from point A to point B is one of the primary focuses of commercial cleaning services.

There and Back Again--A Germ's Journey Through Your Facility
Despite our best efforts, germs and bacteria plague the air and surfaces of our public facilities, resulting in illness, death, economic damage, and a measurable decline in human progress.