Health Alert – California Mu Variant Detection Rate Increasing, Influenza Rate Low

Recent health reports show the rates of COVID Delta variant detections may be flattening, an increase in the number of logged cases of the potentially more transmissible MU variant, and a low rate of influenza-like illnesses being reported.

The Latest in Health-Related News for September 2021
In the latest round of health alerts, some relatively good news--reported cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in California are flattening, and the Delta variant surge appears to be slowing.

Lean and Green Your Office Clean

Making your office cleaning procedures leaner and greener will not only save your organization time and money, but will also improve occupant health and performance.

Lean Green Office Cleaning
Leaning up your office cleaning does not translate into barebones minimalism--it means refining processes to increase positive, health-focused outcomes that create higher value for facility occupants and organizational stakeholders.

Creating Healthier Indoor Environments

Green cleaning practices complement sustainable business initiatives and lean operations while creating a healthier indoor environment proven to increase occupant production and creativity while reducing overhead and preventable costs.

The Need and Demand for Healthy Public Facilities
Green cleaning procedures and methods fill the increasing demand for healthy public facilities.

Delta-Induced Caution When Returning to the Workplace

The onset and rapid spread of the COVID-19 Delta Variant have led to significant setbacks in regards to businesses reopening, due in part to worker caution in returning to the workplace.

Survey Shows Workers Still Cautious Regarding Workplace Return
Just as businesses were looking towards the future--fully staffed offices and a return to normal--the COVID-19 Delta Variant struck, resulting in widespread setbacks in facility occupant confidence regarding an organization's ability to protect their health and safety.

Winter Pest Management and Control

As temperatures begin to drop, outdoor pests, such as cockroaches, some species of spiders, and rodents, attracted to the warmth and potential food inside your facility, will attempt to gain unwanted entrance and make a home for the winter.

Integrated Control and Management of Winter Pests and Rodents
Labor Day typically marks the end of many outdoor pest management and control efforts due to a lack of visible activity.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

Hardwood flooring remains a highly desirable office flooring solution for many businesses due to its stylish design and durable finish.

Maintaining Your Businesses Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring has been and remains one of the most popular office space flooring solutions on the market for several reasons, including its stylish look and durable finish.

The Rise of Asthma in America

The ongoing rise in asthma and related allergies in the US has roots in indoor air quality, outdated cleaning methods, and the application of dangerous disinfectant products.

The Rise of Asthma in America and What Can be Done
Asthma in America is a multi-billion dollar health challenge that results in thousands of potentially preventable deaths each year.