The Foundations of a Healthy Building

Researchers have identified nine areas of a facility's daily operations critical to maintaining healthy and productive schools and businesses.

The 9 Foundations of a Healthy Building
A team of researchers from Harvard University, working in conjunction with experts across relevant fields, including real estate, facilities management, and academia, have identified nine fundamental characteristics of a healthy building:


Severe Norovirus Season Predicted

U.S. health officials are concerned that a convergence of increased direct social interaction and decreased handwashing levels will result in a surge of norovirus infections on par with the 2022 season.

What COVID Did to Norovirus Infections
The U.S. public response to COVID significantly impacted norovirus transmission during the 2020-21 cold and flu season.

Winter Pest Control

During the long cold months of the winter, insects and other pests that typically live outdoors will seek shelter, warmth, food, and water inside homes, schools, and businesses, leaving a trail of costly damage and disease in their wake.

Why Do Outdoor Pests Come Inside During the Winter?
When the temperatures are warmer, most insects and other pests tend to remain outdoors, where food, shelter, and water are plentiful.

Why Do People Catch Colds?

Until recently, the correlation between cold weather and an increase in seasonal cold infections was poorly understood--but new information suggests that it all starts with our nose.

The Impact of Cold Weather on the Spread of Illness
One of the most common modes of infectious disease transmission between humans is contact--directly with an infected host or indirectly with a contaminated surface or object.

Holiday Hygiene Tips

Stay safe this holiday season and avoid catching and passing the cold and flu by following these simple yet effective hygiene tips.

Avoiding a COVID Christmas
It's a record year for the wrong reason--already the worst flu season in a decade, combined with record RSV infections and hospitalizations and climbing COVID cases and deaths.