Janitorial Services – HEPA Filtration for Health

Modern janitorial services and professional green cleaning services strongly favor HEPA filtration systems in their vacuum's, and other related equipment to capture and remove the maximum amount of dirt, dust mites, and bacteria possible.

Professional Janitorial Services and HEPA Filters
HEPA filtration systems are used on everything from vacuum cleaners to HVAC filters and air purification systems used to de-smoke interior spaces after fires.

Office Cleaning Tips – May 2016

Check out our latest office cleaning tips for May 2016!

Early Summer Office Cleaning Tips
With the Spring rains coming to an end, San Joaquin Valley residents have a long Summer of dust, pollen, and air pollution to contend with.

Combined with the Valley heat waves and not enough rain and snow to get us out of the drought completely, businesses will need to make smart decisions to maintain the health of their company and their employees.

Janitorial Services – How To Clean Your Office Desk

Professional janitorial services can help keep your office clean and healthy, but you can do a lot for your health by following these tips to keep your desk and computer clean and tidy.

Janitorial Services - Your Desk and your Health
Recently, we took a look at how green cleaning services can help prevent your office and desk from becoming as filthy as a toilet, as well as the impact a condition dubbed QWERTY Tummy can have on the health of office buildings.