Twelve Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Twelve Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Our twelve step carpet cleaning process, guaranteed to leave your floors looking their best!

Twelve Step Carpet Cleaning Process - Bakersfield CA

12-Step Carpet Cleaning & Care Process

Green carpet cleaning services are an involved process that thoroughly cleans and sanitizes your floors while restoring them, as close as possible, to their original look and feel.



Step 1: Inspection

Before beginning, the cleaning crew will walk through the residence or office to check for current carpet conditions, note any special requirements, and identify any furniture that needs to be relocated.

The floor technician will also point out any questionable stains that may be difficult or impossible to completely remove, as well as discuss additional time or equipment that may be required.


Step 2: Vacuum

A significant improvement over conventional carpet cleaning services; our vacuums are commercial grade, HEPA filtered backpack vacuums that have been scientifically proven to shorten cleaning times while extracting more dirt than traditional canister systems.


Step 3: Move Furniture

Dirty upholstery can dump a significant amount of dirt onto your carpet after it is cleaned, so we recommend a pre-upholstery clean before moving.

We use boots and blocks to prevent the pulling and tearing of the carpet, as well as to protect your furniture.


Step 4: Spray Preconditioner

Not all preconditioners are ideal for every type of carpet, so check with your carpet technician if you have any questions or concerns.

The preconditioner needs to dwell on the carpet for approximately 10-15 minutes before beginning extraction.

While the process does extend the time it takes to start the full extraction process, the amount of time it saves when the cleaning begins is worth it.


Step 5: Spot Treatment

Tough spots and stains that were identified during the initial walkthrough will be treated with a variety of individual treatments, depending on the type of soil and the age of the stain, as well as the kind of carpet being cleaned.

The tougher and older the stain, the longer the pretreatment will need to dwell to provide the best chance of full removal.


Step 6: Pre-Clean Carpet Groom

Depending on the amount of soil and type of carpet, and before beginning the extraction process, we will groom your floors with a carpet groomer, which strongly resembles a broom, or a rotary cleaning machine, which look just like a buffer.

The purpose of pre-grooming is to loosen up as much soil, especially in high-footfall, or heavily stained areas.


Step 7: Deep Extraction & Rinse

We use the same, commercial grade, high-efficiency deep extractors in homes and offices.

Deep extraction uses less water and allows for a significantly reduced dry time when compared to store-bought, or conventional cleaners.

We only use eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products, ensuring no Volatile Organic Compounds are released into the indoor environment and reducing the amount of time required before the space can be re-entered.


Step 8: Neutralizer

Once the extraction process is complete, a neutralizer compound is applied during the rinse process to remove any detergent residue that can leave the carpet feeling sticky, as well as attract dust particles like a magnet.


Step 9: Post-Treatment Spot Removal

Once the rinse and extraction process is complete, the technician will move through the home or office to identify any remaining spots or stains that need to be addressed.

Various treatments are available, depending on the type of carpet and stain, but some stains may be too old and deep for any amount of cleaning to remove.

Future spots and stains can be avoided by applying a professional carpet protection solution.


Step 10: Post-Treatment Carpet Grooming

The same tool used to pre-groom your floor will be used during the post-grooming process to prevent the carpet fibers from laying and decreasing the amount of time required for the floor to dry.


Step 11: Drying

Depending on the structure of your home, office, or apartment, a combination of natural air flow and high-velocity fans will be employed to speed dry time.


Step 12: Followup Inspection

Once the carpet has completely dried, our technicians will walk through the home or office with you to ensure the project was completed up to your expectations, and to address any concerns, as well as answer any questions you may have.

This is the perfect time to discuss regular cleaning and maintenance cycles to keep your carpets looking their best.



Quality carpet cleaning services typically follow this standardized routine, but not all services, equipment, and cleaning chemicals are created equally.

Vanguard only uses the latest in green cleaning technology and cleaning solutions to ensure the highest standard of service.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of green carpet cleaning services for your home or business, contact us today for a free quote!

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