Janitorial Services for Hospitality

Janitorial Services for Hospitality

High-quality janitorial services are mandatory for the success and efficient functioning of the hospitality industry.

Janitorial Services for Hospitality - Fresno CA

Janitorial Services for the Hospitality Industry

First impressions define the success of the hospitality industry, and appearances are a defining factor.

Hotels, restaurants, casino's, and resorts operate under the constant scrutiny of the health department and are commonly subject to scathing commentary via online review sites for the slightest infraction.

Due to the catering nature of any hospitality business, multiple challenges must be met in diverse environments--requiring the expertise of a flexible service provider.

Adding to the challenge are guest expectations regarding eco-friendly and sustainable business practices.


Primary Areas of Concern

While each establishment will possess its own unique design and appearance, specific focus areas can be generically defined.

  • Primary entry points.
  • Carpets, rugs, and matting.
  • Dining areas.
  • Kitchens, bars, and other food prep areas, and;
  • Guest living quarters, including restrooms.


Maintaining Primary Entry Points

This will typically be the main entrance, and the first impression a guest has of your establishment.

Walkways should be free of debris and tripping hazards, and all efforts should be made to protect visitors and staff from accidental slips and falls, especially in the winter when the ground is wet.

Sufficient entry matting of appropriate type and length should be placed on the inside and outside of the main entryway to capture as much soil from the bottom of shoes as possible; protecting your expensive carpets, as well as occupant health.

Walkways that are exposed to standing water on a regular basis should be cleared with a high-pressure washer on a regular basis to remove algae buildup that may result in an accident.

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Cleaning Carpets, Rugs, and Entry Mats

With the amount of traffic that comes and goes through common areas, a regular carpet cleaning and maintenance schedule is mandatory.

All carpets, rugs, and mats must be vacuumed daily to remove as much soil as possible.

Depending on the average occupancy level of your establishment, a hot extractor should be run over high-traffic carpets and entry mats once per week.

Short fiber carpeting should be bonnet-cleaned once per month, and all carpets, mats, and rugs (depending on the type and construction) should be cleaned with a deep extractor at least quarterly.

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Cleaning Dining Areas

Guest dining areas require a non-stop rotation of food service and cleanup.

Unfortunately, the cotton and cloth rags customarily employed to wipe down tables only serve to spread bacteria around and do little to protect the health of patrons.

Microfiber cloths, especially when coated in Triclosan, function as an anti-microbial disinfectant, and only require warm water to operate as an emulsifier.

This practice eliminates the need for toxic cleaners that would prevent quick turnaround times on tables for newly arriving guests, as well as the potential for allergic reactions, or poisonous film transfer to food or skin.

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Keeping Food Prep Areas Healthy

Perhaps second only to guest rooms in importance, kitchens, bars, and food preparation areas must be immaculate and free of germs and bacteria.

While the maintenance of food preparation surfaces is typically the responsibility of the food service staff, the hard floors commonly found in these areas are another matter entirely.

The number of germs and bacteria tracked in by serving staff, as well as cooks and assistants, compounded by raw food juices spilled onto the ground, combine to make the floor of a food preparation area a primary concern for health and appearance.

The floor should be thoroughly cleaned with microfiber mops and brooms after each meal cycle and sterilized after closing with an auto-scrubber.

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Coordinating Guest Room Cleaning

Guestrooms are the heart-blood of the hospitality industry, and demands are high and increasing every year.

For seasonal resorts, room turnover times are probably not a factor, but preparation after extended non-use will be.

For busier locations that maintain a high-occupancy all year, rapid and efficient turnover requires coordination, as well as the right tools and experience to get the job completed correctly, and the room ready to be reoccupied as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the regular staff may not always find what they expect when they enter; the guests may have left a significant mess that will require additional personnel to return the room to service within a business friendly time frame.

Additionally, janitorial services will need to occur in the least disrupting manner, ensuring guests are not disturbed while resting, and that public areas and attractions are readily available for use.

To maintain the quality of clean expected of the hospitality industry in all areas, without disrupting or disappointing guests, and maintain investor profit expectations, your establishment will need to partner with an experienced provider that can supplement staff as necessary, and offer facilities management and purchasing assistance as required.



Maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy hotel, casino, or resort is paramount for success, as well as avoiding costly litigation, or embarrassing public closures and negative online reviews.

To accomplish this, cost-effectively, while rising to heightened consumer expectations, outsourcing your janitorial, staffing, purchasing, and facilities management needs are highly recommended.

This will allow your establishment to reduce operational costs while improving turnover times and ensuring guest and employee safety.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of green janitorial services for your hospitality business, contact us today for a free quote!

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