Multi-Tenant Building Cleaning Services

Multi-Tenant Building Cleaning Services

Cleaning services for multi-tenant office buildings and apartments require a flexible service provider capable of addressing a dynamic array of challenges at a competitive price.

Multi-Tenant Building Cleaning Services - Fresno CA

Cleaning Services for Multi-Tenant Office Buildings and Apartments

Multi-tenant office buildings present several unique challenges that require the expertise of a multi-disciplined service provider to address.

For apartments, this will often include move-in and move out services, lobby and leasing office cleaning, as well as additional special services, such as window washing, and floor and carpet cleaning.

Large office complexes require ongoing cleaning and facilities services, typically at later hours to ensure the tenants business are not disturbed.

Green janitorial services are the ideal solution to cost-effectively address all of these challenges in a way that aligns with occupant needs and expectations.



Apartment Cleaning Services & Challenges

Apartment cleaning services require a service provider with wide-ranging disciplines and experience.

Typical services include:

  • Post-construction cleanup.
  • Move-in and out services.
  • Carpet cleaning services.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Restroom cleanup.
  • Kitchen cleaning.
  • Eave and overhang maintenance.
  • Leasing office cleaning, and;
  • Floor cleaning, scrubbing, and buffing.

The most common services involve the leasing office and lobby.

The challenge here is to create an inviting and professional appearance to potential residents while offering current occupants and an environment they can be proud of.

The most challenging aspect of apartment cleaning is post-construction cleanup, or move-in and move-out service.

An empty apartment is not profitable, so the faster a property manager can get a new tenant in, the better.

Unfortunately, the chemicals used in conventional cleaning or construction processes can have a direct effect on the amount of time a domicile has to remain empty to ventilate, creating issues with fast-turnaround times.

To address this challenge, it is advised the property manager insist on green cleaning practices and chemicals that will not emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), which have been shown to cause adverse reactions in a wide range of people, especially susceptible children; potentially leading to expensive litigation.

Additionally, carpet and floor cleaning services need to be carried out after regular business hour, but must be dry and ready for tenant use without disruption, or the company runs the risk of missing out on prospective renters.

Finally, to qualify as a comprehensive service provider, the outsourced janitorial company needs to be flexible, and available 24/7 for emergency services, or flood and fire cleanup.


Multi-Tenant Office Cleaning Services & Challenges.

Multi-tenant offices, especially creative office spaces with open floor plans, are an ongoing challenge for facilities managers and occupants alike.

Depending on the age and construction of the building, the infrastructure and architecture may be more geared towards energy conservation than indoor air quality and occupant health.

The 1980's push for lower power consumption drove many businesses and architects to alter the style and number of windows, leading to smaller and fewer windows with airtight seals, reducing the amount of natural light and airflow.

Compounding the airflow issue was the reduction in HVAC vents throughout the building; typically sparsely spaced around common occupant areas to control the temperature, with little consideration towards the health of the tenants or employees.

Those decisions have led to an increase in a little-understood office illness, commonly referred to as sick building syndrome, as well as documented increases of respiratory issues.

Further, many high-contact surfaces, such as:

  • Light switches.
  • Door knobs.
  • Coffee pots and handles.
  • Computer, communication, and other electronic equipment.
  • Water coolers, and, oddly enough;
  • The floor or carpeting;

Are covered in numerous infectious diseases on a routine basis, and should be cleaned or sterilized daily to limit potential exposure to occupants.

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Much like apartments, multi-tenant offices require rapid turnover times on vacant spaces to maintain profits.

Over-tasked facilities managers can benefit from purchasing and stocking assistance, especially those moving their building towards greener solutions to align with modern sentiment and realities, but do not have the time, expertise, or resources to efficiently complete the conversion alone.

Green cleaning services address all of these challenges with the use of high-efficiency, technologically advanced cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals that reduce energy and natural resource waste, as well as short and long-term costs associated with employee absenteeism due to illness and space vacancy due to toxic chemical use or outdated carpet cleaning practices.



Cleaning services for multi-tenant spaces must be efficient, as well as eco-friendly to adhere to growing customer and business demand.

Costs for green cleaning services adoption can be reduced or eliminated by outsourcing purchasing, facilities maintenance and management, as well as daily and special cleaning requirements to an experienced provider.

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