Carpet Cleaning Services for Hotels

Carpet Cleaning Services for Hotels

Carpet cleaning services are vital for smooth hotel and hospitality operations, especially in busier establishments, or after a bed bug infestation.

Carpet Cleaning Services for Hotels - Bakersfield CA

Green Carpet Cleaning Services for the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Carpet cleaning, especially in small but busy hotels, is an ongoing challenge for hotel managers.

Conventional carpet cleaning services require the use of an excessive volume of chemical cleaner and water; a notable problem for San Joaquin Valley businesses.

The more water that is used, the longer the process takes, and the longer the carpet takes to dry, resulting in inaccessible areas for staff and guests.

Green carpet cleaning uses less water, dries faster, and does not release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air, meaning you don't have to push your HVAC system all night long to ventilate the room--ultimately resulting in a better, faster clean at a lower cost.

Carpet Cleaning Challenges

Carpet cleaning presents three significant challenges to hotel managers:

  • Soil
  • Disruption, and;
  • Cost;

Each of which can be addressed, to one degree or another, with routine green carpet and upholstery care maintenance.



By soil, we do not necessarily mean dirt.

Soil can be any foreign substance, solid or liquid, on the carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

Certain types of soil may represent a health hazard, and usually, require the hotel to move staff and guests while the affected area is professionally sterilized.

According to Dr. Mark Callahan of the New York Presbyterian Hospital;

At a Miami hotel, part of a well-recognized chain, the black light revealed an unusual pattern in the carpeting in the bedroom.

That pattern turned out to be trails of urine.

Either somebody was doing something they shouldn't have, or alternatively, they may have had an animal in there.

-What's Hiding in Your Hotel Room?

Other types of soil can lead to an unappealing appearance, such as accumulated oil and dirt on dining room furniture, or high-traffic walkways.

An unattractive appearance can turn away prospective guests, as well as decrease the likelihood of repeat business.



Hotel rooms are typically only cleaned when vacant, and public areas and dining rooms are usually serviced late at night during very low traffic times.

For establishments that operate at a high-capacity, it is essential to get in and clean the room and have it ready for new guests as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize the disturbance to nearby, potentially sleeping occupants.

Adding to the challenge are guests who arrive early or leave late, resulting in the near constant use of vacuums and other cleaning equipment throughout the day.

Additionally, the use of shampoo or deep extraction cleaners can leave a significant amount of moisture, requiring an excessive amount of time to dry before the area can be accessed by staff and guests again.

All of these disruptions combine to create a less than ideal experience for guests.

According to Leslie Dasch, President of Yes Hotel Services;

When cleaning a hotel, you must be conscious of not disturbing the guests’ experience.

Providing a clean and safe environment, while thousands of busy guests enjoy the hotel amenities, is a constant challenge of cleaning hotels.

-Best Practices for Cleaning Hotels



The total cost of carpet and upholstery maintenance is a product of several factors.

  • The financial loss of inaccessible guest areas.
  • The cost of additional equipment to dry the floor before mold and mildew develop.
  • The expense of running the HVAC system all night in an empty area that isn't generating income.
  • Costs associated with energy and water consumption, as well as chemical waste disposal, and;
  • Personnel and labor expenses.



Green carpet cleaning services address these challenges with a combination of cost-effective solutions.

  • CRI Certified backpack vacuums, which allow for a faster, more thorough, higher-quality clean at a reduced noise level.
  • Bonnet carpet cleaning, which uses less water than deep extractors and shampooers, and is ideal for short-fiber carpeting commonly found in hotels.
  • Advanced deep extraction cleaners, which use less water more efficiently than conventional models, and are perfect for long-fiber carpets.
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable chemicals that do not leave behind smells that could irritate, or trigger an adverse response in guests.

The combination of these solutions results in a superior experience for the hotel's guests, staff, and management at a more cost-effective price.

Combining them with an outsourced service at a flat monthly rate controls costs and simplifies budgeting.





Successful hotels run at near capacity on a regular basis, resulting in a near-constant cleaning cycle which may disturb guests.

Poorly cleaned carpets, as well as other furniture, is a massive turn-off for visitors--commonly resulting in poor online reviews, costing your business more money in lost potential revenue.

Green carpet care and maintenance packages provide a superior solution, with minimal guest disruption, resulting in a better service for your money.

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