Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services

Significant market pressures have been placed on organizations of all types to align their business practices with environmentally friendly cleaning services.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services - Valencia CA

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services for Sustainable Businesses

Businesses are increasingly at the mercy of external market pressures pushing them in the direction of sustainable and ecologically friendly practices.

Failure to align with these practices within the next ten years, especially as the millennial workforce surpasses baby boomers in numbers and management positions, will likely cost a business highly sought after skilled employees and future business.

One of the largest single consumers of energy, resources, as well as waste generators, are custodial services and cleaning products and practices.

Conventional methods waste and pollute water, unnecessarily consume natural gas, all while introducing carcinogenic toxins into our air and bodies, compromising our minds and bodies, and destroying our children's home and future.

The time for change has come and gone; Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Southern Valley has the solution that your business needs to prosper into the coming age.


The Impact of Cleaning Products on Humans and the Environment

Commercial buildings in the U.S. consume and dispose of an enormous volume of resources and waste each year.

  • 6.2 billion pounds of chemicals.
  • 4.5 billion pounds of toilet paper, and;
  • 1 billion pounds of janitorial equipment and supplies.

Resulting in an estimated 40 thousand garbage trucks full of waste disposed of in local landfills.

A significant portion of these products is derived from petroleum, particularly plastic, which requires specially engineered bacteria to biodegrade.

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While the damage we do to our planet every day is appalling, the harm we cause our children has surpassed the absurd.

All commercial cleaning products leave behind a residue or emit volatile's into the air.

For healthy adults, short-term exposure is rarely an issue.

For those with compromised immune systems or those subjected to long-term exposure, the effects can be deadly.

Children, on the other hand, can experience severe and long-lasting health problems through minimal exposure--negatively impacting their entire lives before they started.

[sic]...the most common methods of exposure are through the skin and respiratory tract.

Children are frequently in contact with the chemical residues housecleaning products leave behind, by crawling, lying and sitting on the freshly cleaned floor.

Children, especially infants and toddlers, frequently put their fingers in their mouths and noses, increasing risks for exposure.

Household Cleaning Products may do More Harm Than Good


Green Cleaning Alternative Chemicals and Methods

The best way to eliminate the impact of conventional commercial cleaning products and practices is to reduce their purchase and use.

  • Use certified green cleaning products - Green Seal tests, validates, and approves cleaning chemicals for home and commercial use.  The products listed on their site have been proven to contain no compound that is harmful to pets, children, adults, or the environment, and are 100% biodegradable.
  • Ozonation water systems - Ozone infused water-based cleaning systems use no chemicals, have stronger germicidal properties than chlorine-based (Bleach) cleaning products, and has been proven to eliminate a wide range of virus' and infectious bacteria.  Look for prices to come down on these products, as advancements continue, as bleach has proven to be especially harmful to children with minimal exposure, pollutes the water table, and contains by-products that take years to biodegrade.
  • Diamond plated floor cleaning pads - Diamond plated floor cleaning pads use only water to clean, buff, and polish multiple hard surfaces without the use of any chemicals, which is an incredible advancement in health and safety, as the chemicals used in the wax-stripping process, specifically Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether (EGBE), has been linked to everything, from kidney to central nervous system damage.
  • Microfiber - Microfiber mops, brooms, and towels have been proven, in multiple tests at several universities, to significantly reduce water and chemical use, as well as outlasting cotton or cloth alternative products, resulting in less waste entering landfills.

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As the climate shifts, California businesses are increasingly at the mercy of erratic weather patterns and storms.

When combined with climate change, additional social and economic pressures to provide a healthy workplace and lifestyle for workers will dictate the success or collapse of businesses in the coming years.

Quantifiable action must be taken now to cement your businesses future.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of environmentally friendly and sustainable green cleaning services for your school or business, contact us today for a free quote!

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