Janitorial Services – Your Filthy Office

Janitorial services are a necessity for the success of any business.

Janitorial Services - Filthy Offices and What You Should Know
Office cleanliness is often a subject that only comes up when there is a problem.

Unfortunately, by the time a cleanliness issue is recognized, it may have already escalated to a health problem that could cost your business money through lost customer business and employee sick days.

Expected Trends for 2016 in Green Cleaning Services

Going green is becoming more and more popular for virtually every industry, including professional green cleaning services.

But what does reducing an individual's carbon footprint mean for cleaning services?

Does this negatively affect profitability or does it create new opportunities for growth?

What do industry experts believe will be the next exciting green trend for companies providing professional janitorial services?

Is the green movement a fad or a permanent change in business practices?

Experts at Forbes Magazine and Harvard Business Review agree that going green is, perhaps, the most attractive business strategy for 2016.

As scientists cultivate public awareness about the need to reduce pollution, more politicians are debating the issue, and the public is paying attention.