Janitorial Services Minimum Standards of Customer Service

Whether in-house or outsourced, your organization's janitorial services vendor or team should adhere to specific minimum standards of service to ensure a positive customer experience.

The Minimum Standards of Customer Service for Janitorial Services
Ensuring a consistent, high-quality customer experience is paramount to the success of education and business in the U.S., a sentiment perfectly voiced by Jerry Gregoire, Chief Information Officer of Dell, Inc.

What a Cheap Janitorial Service is Costing You

Contracting your organization's various cleaning needs through a certified green janitorial service provider has numerous financial benefits, even if you currently employ in-house or outsourced custodial services.

How Much is Your Cheap Janitorial Service Costing Your Business?
Many organizations make the mistake of classifying their janitorial service as a necessary expense, as opposed to a trusted business advisor.

Green Cleaning Services and Cost-Effective Cleaning Chemical Use

Green cleaning services utilize concentrated cleaning products that are more cost-effective per use for schools and businesses than comparable toxic cleaning products.

Green Cleaning Services Tips for Cost-Effecting Cleaning Chemical Use for Schools and Businesses
Converting your organization to green cleaning alternative products is a cost-effective approach to improving the health and safety of your school, office, students, and employees.

Green Cleaning Services and Climate Change

Switching your school or business to green cleaning services is one of the most important steps your organization can make to combat climate change.

Green Cleaning Services for Schools and Businesses to Combat Climate Change
Green cleaning services can help your organization achieve sustainability by addressing the four cornerstones of ecologically responsible operations:

Eliminate toxins introduced into the environment via conventional or consumer-grade cleaning products.

Sustainable Cleaning Services

Within the next decade, sustainable cleaning services will be the only type of custodial service available, as schools and businesses adapt to climate change and water use restrictions.

Sustainable Cleaning Services and the New Status Quo
Sustainable cleaning services are the future of business practices, and smart business owners and school administrators are making the necessary moves now.

Cleaning Services Tips to Promote Workplace Wellness

Green cleaning services, combined with healthy, sustainable business practices, are the perfect way to promote wellness and productivity in your workplace.

Green Cleaning Services and Workplace Wellness
Employees are businesses most valuable asset, and healthy employees are happier and more productive at work, resulting in significant decreases in health care costs, as well as increases in performance and output.

Cleaning Services for Computer Repair Companies

Green cleaning services are the perfect solution for the health and safety challenges facing computer repair shops and technicians.

Green Cleaning Services for Computer Repair Shops and Technicians
Due to the nature of their employment, computer repair technicians and consultants come into contact with a wide variety of germs and illness-causing bacteria on a daily basis, typically from the unlikeliest of sources--the equipment they are repairing.