Outsourcing Facilities Maintenance Cleaning Tasks

Outsourcing Facilities Maintenance Cleaning Tasks

Facilities maintenance managers are routinely run ragged and pulled in multiple directions by all of the demands and responsibilities of their positions--a burden which can be significantly lightened by outsourcing cleaning and minor maintenance tasks to a professional cleaning service provider.

Outsourcing Facilities Maintenance Cleaning Tasks

Cleaning Tasks Facilities Managers Should Outsource

Facilities maintenance managers have a laundry list of duties and responsibilities that must be addressed daily that keep them on the move and, typically, just ahead of the next challenge.

Often, the burden becomes so significant that key personnel are pulled away from mission-critical tasks and assigned duties more suitable for an outsourced cleaning team, such as:

  • Routine cleanliness inspections.
  • Cleaning scheduling and coordination.
  • Carpet cleaning and inspections.
  • HVAC duct maintenance.
  • Ensuring hard floors are swept, mopped, and scrubbed.
  • Cleaning product and equipment management and maintenance.
  • Restroom, breakroom, and work station sanitation.
  • Exterior cleanup and maintenance.
  • Trash cleanup and removal.
  • Dusting, and;
  • Infection control and prevention tasks.


The Advantages of Outsourcing Cleaning Services

Outsourcing your organization's cleaning, minor facilities maintenance, and infection prevention and control requirements have several advantages, including:

  • Cost reduction - Outsourcing removes the financial burden of payroll and other taxes.  Additionally, an outsourced service provider will typically provide and maintain cleaning chemicals and equipment, reducing associated maintenance, storage, and shipping costs.
  • Risk reduction - Outsourced service providers who own their franchise are responsible for their medical care costs and sick leave.  Further, if the service provider fails to meet expectations, they can be replaced at no additional cost or risk to your organization.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity - A dedicated service team who specializes in cleaning and relies on top-level customer satisfaction has been shown to significantly outperform in-house cleaning staff with notoriously high turn over rates.  Additionally, the staff augmentation will allow your key in-house staff to focus on specialized and mission-critical tasks, such as building and office maintenance.
  • Reduced management overhead - Managing dedicated custodial staff in addition to facilities maintenance teams is time-consuming--an issue quickly resolved through outsourcing with a short phone call or email in the event of a problem arising.
  • Staffing flexibility - Up- or down-scaling staff for special services or events can be costly and burdensome to overtasked management teams.  This issue can be quickly addressed at minimal expense by contacting your account manager and requesting additional staff be assigned to clean up before or after a special function, inspection, or in the event of an emergency.


Potential Disadvantages of Outsourcing

Outsourcing services to an external provider can be a huge win, or a serious concern, depending on how your business is currently managed.

Several common negative characteristics typically attributed to outsourced service providers include:

  • A loss of control - Easily mitigated by partnering with a service provider on a no-contract, month-to-month service agreement and direct contact with an account supervisor.
  • Security concerns - While no security solution is perfect, and everyone can make a mistake from time to time, outsourcing to an organization with pre-vetted and screened service providers can go a long way towards eliminating risk, especially when the service provider is financially vested in the success of the partnership, as is the case with franchise business owners.
  • Hidden costs - "That's an add-on service"--a phrase uttered entirely too often in the outsourced industry as a whole--is a challenge that can be addressed immediately by reviewing the month-to-month service agreement and ensuring your organization's needs are spelled out explicitly before service begins or a check is mailed.
  • A reduction in quality - Often we maintain the belief that a person that is under our immediate control through direct employment is more accountable and will, therefore, perform at a higher standard.  Statistically speaking, specifically in regards to the custodial industry, the exact opposite is true, and studies have established several correlations between in-house janitorial teams and low-quality cleaning delivery.


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Outsourcing routine maintenance and cleaning tasks to a dedicated service provider is a proven method for delivering and maintaining a higher standard of cleanliness for your organization, which has been shown in numerous studies to improve the overall health and productivity of all occupants, as well as maintain or increase customer satisfaction.

Taking that relationship one step further and partnering with a team of experienced custodial workers who specialize in green cleaning/clean for health first practices will add to the productivity of your school or business while markedly reducing costs long-term.

If you would like to learn more about all of the cleaning and maintenance tasks provided by a professional janitorial service provider, or you would like to discuss your organization's custodial and infection control and prevention requirements, contact us today for a free quote!

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