Enhanced Cleaning Supports In-Person Working

Enhanced Cleaning Supports In-Person Working

In-person office work is critical to the financial success of many businesses, and enhanced cleaning and infection control policies are crucial to ensuring the health and safety of facility occupants.

Enhanced Cleaning Supports In-Person Working

Highlighting the Financial Importance of In-Person Working

The pandemic shifted many conventional in-person work configurations into work-from-home or hybrid models.

Slightly more than two years later, we have a more robust understanding of the impact those regulations had on small businesses and the economy.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Cleaning Coalition of America of more than 250 New York C-Suite executives, when asked about the importance of in-person work to their organization:

  • 76% said an in-person workplace was essential to their business's bottom line and revenue, and;
  • 68% stated their business had moved their office location during the pandemic to remain open with in-person staff.

In regards to how those businesses are prioritizing workplace safety and incentivizing workers to return to the office:

  • 75% cited cleaning as the number one incentive to return to the office, and;
  • 20% said the need for ongoing high-quality office cleaning was the most important lesson taken away from the pandemic.



In-Office Workers Want More and Better Cleaning

C-Suite executives aren't the only ones who see the value in ongoing, high-quality office cleaning policies.

Additional data gathered by the Cleaning Coalition of America, which interviewed 1,800 U.S. workers, found that:

  • 93.4% of vaccinated respondents and 82.2% of unvaccinated respondents cited workplace cleaning protocols as important for returning to in-office work.
  • 62.1% believe that seeing professional cleaners at the workplace would make them feel safer.
  • 47.1% said regular disinfecting of shared workspaces was the most essential step businesses could take to make their office workers feel safer.
  • 47.5% have inquired about their company's cleaning protocols.
  • 89.9% believe workplace cleaning protocols are very or somewhat important.
  • 77.2% want their workplace cleaned at least once a day.
  • 43% feel that returning to the workplace still poses a risk to their health and safety, and;
  • 38.3% would or have considered changing jobs if the workplace was not cleaned properly.



Cost-Effective Enhanced Cleaning Practices

Implementing daily enhanced cleaning and infection prevention measures is a cost-effective method for meeting office worker demands, protecting bottom lines, and improving workforce productivity.

  • Start with clean air by replacing and upgrading HVAC filters with MERV-13 or higher HEPA filters.
  • Remove high dust and clean the windows inside and out.
  • Eliminate any pest or rodent infestations and address any breach points into the building.
  • Sweep, dust, vacuum, and mop all occupied areas of a building every day with microfiber equipment.
  • Clean horizontal surfaces with commercial-grade, soap-based detergents.
  • Select disinfectants that are appropriate for your facility, the microbes you're focused on removing, and that are safe for the surfaces they are being used on.
  • Read all manufacturer labels and adhere to all disinfectant dwell time requirements.
  • Use disinfectants sparingly, focusing on touchpoints instead of facility-wide applications.
  • Check critical areas, such as restrooms, dining and break rooms, and food prep areas several times per day and wipe down as needed.
  • Disinfect all restrooms, kitchens, and dining areas at least once per day, and;
  • Do not neglect proper floor care and cleaning, especially in high-traffic entryways--they are major routes of contaminant introduction into facilities.



Businesses that require in-person workers to ensure their financial future must increase the quality and frequency of their cleaning and infection prevention and control services.

The data currently available suggests that skilled office workers:

  • Recognize the importance of regular enhanced cleaning services and how it impacts their health;
  • Are willing to quit their job and go to another one where the business has demonstrated a willingness to meet office worker demands regarding office hygiene and safety, and;
  • Want the organizations they work for to increase the frequency and quality of cleaning services--up to and including outsourcing the services to trained professionals.

Outsourcing is a proven method for onboarding highly in-demand cleaning and disinfection services and experience for a fraction of the price of maintaining a similar service in-house.

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