Janitorial Services for Movie Theaters

Janitorial Services for Movie Theaters

Outsourcing your cinema or movie theater's janitorial services is a cost-effective approach to eliminating germs and improving customer satisfaction.


The Benefits of Outsourcing Janitorial Services for Movie Theaters

It doesn't matter how good the movie or the popcorn is, if your theater is filthy, your prospective customers will move on to local competitors.

Dirty or sticky carpets, foul odors, and filthy restrooms combined with poor cleaning practices tell moviegoers two things:

  1. You don't care about them or their business, and;
  2. Your theater is likely teeming with germs that will make them sick.

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Numerous surveys have shown consumers are increasingly aware of the ramifications of patronizing an establishment that demonstrates a low commitment to cleanliness and health, especially where food is prepared and served.

That awareness, combined with a steady increase in local competition and less expensive mobile and streaming alternatives, has led dissatisfied customers to voice their disapproval of theater cleanliness online, leading to a two-fold loss of business--both current and prospective moviegoers.

The challenge that movie theater managers face is staffing, product management, equipment availability, and training--put simply, they don't have the resources necessary to properly clean and disinfect the theater in accordance with the volume of foot traffic and the level of use.

This lapse has led to people becoming extremely ill as a direct result of their visit to a movie theater, and it is being reflected in the dramatically declining profit margins for these types of businesses.


Germs Commonly Found in Movie Theaters

A recent article published by Yahoo Lifestyle detailed seven significant areas in movie theaters that are covered in germs, and are likely killing your business' profit margins.

  • Theater seats - Microbiologist Philip Tierno, Ph.D., found everything from B strep and fecal matter to bed bug infestations.
  • Floors - Donna Duberg, assistant professor at Saint Louis University, reported that fecal matter containing E. coli had been found on theater floors.
  • Cup holders - Professor Duberg also reported instances of staph have been found within the cupholders which are, apparently, rarely, if ever cleaned.
  • Concession stands - According to professor Duberg, "Sugary treats, especially liquids like soda, stick on the counters and are a great breeding place for bacteria, which are then transferred to every person who picks up their order."
  • Cups - According to Dr. Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona, "17 percent of disposable coffee cup lips tested positive for fecal matter."
  • 3-D glasses - According to The Good Housekeeping Institute, unwrapped 3-d glasses could potentially be covered in staph, and;
  • The air - Movie theaters, by design, are not been well ventilated in the auditorium area, and the air could be teeming with illness-causing germs that are spread via coughs, sneezes, or breathing.


One might be inclined to think that higher-end movie theaters would not have these types of issues.

One would be wrong.

According to a recent episode of The Doctors;

With the help of ABC Labs, The Doctors tested three types of movie theaters – a high-end location, a theater located at a mall and a budget cinema – taking swabs of the armrests, seats, cup holders and floors and the laboratory results were shocking.

“Every theater had fecal growth in different places,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says, explaining that in our specific tests all three locations had either fecal matter or fecal bacteria on the seats, floor or armrests.

Is Your Movie Theater Making You Sick?

Another study, conducted by ABC's 20/20 discovered;

[E]vidence of bacteria found in cattle and soil, as well as bacteria commonly found in human feces and yeast.

ABC's 20/20 Swabs Movie Theaters — And What They Find Ain't Pretty


Tips for Safe Movie Going

  • Wear pants and a long-sleeve shirt, jacket, or sweater - Typically the inside of the auditorium is pretty cool, but make sure the protection isn't so thick that it makes you uncomfortable. This layer of protection will prevent direct contact with the germs and fecal matter covering the seats, armrests, and cup holders.
  • Bring hand sanitizer - Use it before and after consuming any snacks, as well as washing up after using the restroom, and immediately after leaving the theater.
  • Snack safely - Avoid open container or unsealed concessions, such as fountain sodas and popcorn.
  • Be careful where you set your belongings - Keep in mind that the floor is likely covered in poop, so don't place your purse or other possessions on the ground.


Five Tips for Infection Protection At The Movies

Image courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic


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The cost of going to a movie theater, when compared to the significantly less expensive alternatives afforded by modern technology, demands that the experience be as enjoyable and relaxing as possible--something distinctly impossible in an establishment that stinks of grease, or worse, has sticky floors with food all over them, bathrooms that look like they haven't been serviced in ages, and vending machines no sane person would eat from.

The issue isn't that the theater management just doesn't care about their facilities' public image or potential to negatively impact occupant and visitor health, it's that cleaning for health is a full-time profession requiring a practiced skillset, as well as specialized tools and training that are impractical for the traditional movie theater employee to possess or have access to.

Maintaining a high standard of sanitation and cleanliness can be cost-effectively managed by outsourcing nightly cleaning and disinfection needs to a professional commercial cleaning company, allowing your organization to avoid the costs of direct hires, expensive equipment and training, and time-consuming documentation and product management.

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