The Manager’s Guide to Janitorial Services

The Manager’s Guide to Janitorial Services

Outsourcing and managing your organization's janitorial services and facilities maintenance can feel like a full-time job--fortunately, we're here to help.

The Manager's Guide to Janitorial Services - Fresno CA

Managing Your Organizations Janitorial Services & Facilities Maintenance

As the long-term effects of the recession begin to abate, businesses have moved out of survival mode and are now adjusting their processes to align with more cost-effective and environmentally conscious initiatives.

Doing so serves a three-fold purpose:

  • Improved employee health and well-being, which reduces turnover and improves financial bottom lines.
  • Waste creation and disposal reduction, which significantly reduces the cost of business operations, now and in the future, and;
  • Increased community involvement which establishes the organization as an environmental steward, lending towards the premise of a more stable and profitable future with more positive customer engagement.

To achieve these goals, office, facilities, and property managers will need to focus their efforts on partnering with experienced green custodial vendors capable of providing a broad range of professional services.

According to CleanLink;

A Contracting Profits survey of facility executives shows a majority — 64 percent — value a healthy and sanitary environment for building occupants more than a clean appearance (28 percent), an environmentally-friendly green cleaning program (6 percent), or a low price for cleaning (2 percent).

Consider that in 2012, about 45 percent of facility managers were likely to pick a BSC based solely on price.

That bare bones approach to cleaning is dissipating now that clients have returned their focus to other areas than just survival.

What Facilities Managers Want From Their Cleaning Providers

As you can see, there is a significant trend in providing services focused on cleaning for health with an environmental focus, over services based solely on low price.


System and Services

A profitable outsourced janitorial vendor relationship starts with the definition of required services, as well as a detailed scope of work to be completed according to ongoing and flexible scheduling.

This process will allow you and the service provider to establish a plan that should consist of:

  • Multiple lines of communication.
  • Quality and satisfaction measurements and monitoring.
  • How often spaces should be inspected and by whom.
  • How complaints are to be addressed.
  • How positive and negative feedback and professionally communicated between the vendor and your organization, and;
  • A process for ongoing evaluation, project status, and improvement recommendations and guidelines.

The plan should also include details regarding service delivery, including:

  • A documented process for costing and budgeting.
  • Work assignments and instructions.
  • How special or emergency (including disaster planning) requests are prioritized and communicated.
  • How work orders are invoiced, including payment terms and lines of communication for disputes or questions.
  • Product and equipment performance evaluation and purchasing, and;
  • Inventory control, including maintenance and repair.


Health and Environmental Stewardship

The goal and purpose of green janitorial services are to improve the health of productivity of building occupants, regardless of industry.

This plan should include:

  • Guidelines for regulatory compliance, specifically in healthcare, education, and industrial facilities that require specific chemical use, training, as well as handling and exposure precautions.
  • MSDS and chemical inventory for all products used.
  • A record of any training and certification requirements and completions.
  • How chemicals are transported, used, and housed, and;
  • How waste is disposed of.

Additional guidelines should be established and reviewed for certified green  product use, including:

  • A mission statement detailing the vendors and your organization's commitment to environmental stewardship.
  • A written policy to periodically review all cleaning products and processes as well as emerging technologies to ensure optimal performance, and;
  • Community outreach regarding environmental initiatives, especially recycling programs.


Building Exterior Services and Grounds Maintenance

Chemicals and processes used in exterior grounds maintenance can affect the air quality and health of building occupants indoors, and a plan to assess, address, and monitor, and upgrade systems should include:

  • A full assessment documenting current chemicals and processes, including recommendations for the replacement of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Safe and sustainable window washing.
  • Garbage and recycling bin placement and pickup.
  • Parking lot and walkway cleaning schedules, including de-icing chemicals and processes.
  • Chemicals and processes used in lawn maintenance, especially gas powered equipment that can negatively impact indoor air quality, as well as grass and other allergens that are kicked up into the air while work is in progress.
  • Walkway mat placement and maintenance,  as well as floor care.
  • The potential for the implementation of renewable power sources, and;
  • Water, gas, and electricity use monitoring and management.


Recycling, Waste & Product Life-Cycle Management

Green building, cleaning, and facilities management is a holistic approach, focused on long-term health benefits, that centers around product purchasing and life-cycle management.

This plan should complement your current processes while focusing on upgrade paths and optimal usage guidelines, including:

  • An assessment of all current cleaning and maintenance products and equipment.
  • The measurement, documentation, and in place or planned monitoring of resource use and cost for current and replacement equipment.
  • Documentation detailing current maintenance cycles and how equipment are tested to ensure optimal performance.
  • The establishment of replacement/upgrade guidelines for current equipment to align with emerging technologies.
  • A plan that focuses on purchasing green, sustainable products, such as microfiber, as well as goods and shipping materials created from and shipped in recycled materials.
  • A detailed assessment of current vendor agreements and services to ascertain levels of sustainable commitments, and ensure they align with your own.
  • A full assessment and detailed plan to monitor and redirect waste creation towards more sustainable goals.
  • A detailed plan to research, establish, and monitor vendor partnerships to recycle old equipment, toxic chemicals, and especially organic waste, and;
  • Detailed documentation regarding the feasibility of establishing zero net energy and zero waste throughout all facilities.


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The trend towards safer and healthier green buildings and services is evident, and organizations that wish to remain competitive must align their practices with these initiatives to remain appealing to prospective talent and customers, as well as ensure profitable bottom lines going forward.

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