Janitorial Services and Electrostatic Cleaning

Janitorial Services and Electrostatic Cleaning

Janitorial services are continually evolving to provide safer, healthier, and more efficient approaches to cleaning and sterilization--the latest trend is the use of electrostatic equipment, combined with specialized cleaning chemicals that reduce the time and volume of cleaning product required to sanitize any surface.

Janitorial Services and Electrostatic Cleaning - Fresno CA

Janitorial Services and Electrostatic Surface Cleaning and Disinfection

The conventional approach to disinfecting surfaces requires the custodial staff to perform several steps:

  • Accurately dilute the disinfectant with water.
  • Uniformly apply the diluted disinfectant across a surface.
  • Wait the prescribed laytime, then;
  • Wipe off any remaining residue.

This process creates several issues that can affect occupancy use and business profits:

  • An excessive amount of time is required to complete the task.
  • Worker exposure to concentrated chemicals.
  • Disinfectant and water waste during the manual dilution and application process, and;
  • Lack of uniformity in disinfectant application.

In particular environments, specifically operating rooms and surgery centers, the length of time it takes to thoroughly disinfect a room (terminal cleaning) and all the applicable surfaces dictate operational availability.

In simple terms, the longer it takes to clean the OR, the longer the doctors and nurses have to wait to prep the room, and the longer the patient has to wait for surgery.

This has led to incredibly poor cleaning practices that have significantly contributed to Preventable Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) rates of approximately 1 out of every 25 patients.



How Electrostatic Disinfection Works

Electrostatic disinfection works by positively charging disinfectant spray as it leaves the nozzle.

As most surfaces are neutral or negatively charged, the positively charged particles are attracted, attach firmly, and spread uniformly across the treated surface.

This process prevents dripping from elevated surfaces, allowing for a proper product dwell on traditionally challenging to clean areas, such as underneath tables, as well as counter and cabinet lips, which is hugely beneficial to everyone, as certain germs and infectious bacteria can survive on non-porous surfaces for months.

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Electrostatic cleaning equipment has several advantages over other disinfection methods, such as UV lighting, fogging systems, or sprays and wipes.

  • Efficiency - The positively charged disinfectant particles are immediately attracted to the neutral or negatively charged surfaces, reducing linger-time in the air--common with fogging systems and sprays.
  • Reduced Waste - Electrostatic cleaning systems do not require water change outs, wipe rags, towels, mops, or buckets, and the containers can be recycled; eliminating water pollution while allowing for the diversion of resources from the landfill.  Additionally, advanced electrostatic systems can disinfect roughly four times the square footage of alternative spray methods over the same time frame, reducing energy consumption.
  • Reduced Costs - The increased efficiency of electrostatic cleaning equipment allows for large jobs to be completed in less time by fewer people, while eliminating the hazards associated with conventional cleaning practices, especially in difficult to access/clean locations, as well as repetitive motion injuries common to the janitorial services profession.


Practical Business Applications

While competitive cleaning technologies exist, such as the fogger or UV lighting systems previously mentioned, none possess the cost-effective simplicity of an electrostatic cleaning system, especially for the daily disinfection requirements of large facilities, such as health clubs, school gymnasiums, and hospital OR's and surgery centers.

The cost of purchase and maintenance is typically quickly returned in the form of improved health, performance, and occupant satisfaction, at a significantly lower price per square foot than alternative cleaning technologies and practices.

The speed with which electrostatic systems can disinfect a space, especially hard to reach overhead areas and under or around furniture, make it ideal for terminal cleans in busy hospitals where turn-around time is critical, but often, does not allow for thorough surface disinfection, which is a primary contributor to HAI and preventable death.

Other germ hotspots and high-touch surfaces electrostatic cleaning systems are ideally suited for include:

  • Gym equipment, extraordinarily challenging to clean dumbells and racks.
  • School classrooms, especially under student desks and chairs, and;
  • Large food courts and dining rooms.


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Electrostatic cleaning systems allow for the safe and cost-effective disinfection of nearly any surface for a fraction of the cost of comparable alternatives.

The process leverages Columb's Law, which allows for a full surface coating without the time and manual strain to clean underneath furniture or other challenging to sanitize areas where germs and bacteria can lurk for months, and allowed to grow into a full-blown health and safety issue.

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