Janitorial Services for Office Parties and Outings

Janitorial Services for Office Parties and Outings

With the holidays here and office parties just around the corner, it's time to contact your janitorial services vendor to clean up the mess after everyone leaves.

Janitorial Services for Office Parties and Outings - Fresno CA

Janitorial Services for Special Events

Whether it's after a wedding or office party, the last thing you want your guests to have to worry about is cleaning up once everything is done.

Depending on the venue, anything from general trash cleanup and removal to a full, top-to-bottom scrub down may be called for at varying hours of the day; requiring a flexible, multi-disciplined service provider.

The major challenge that must be addressed is returning the venue to its original condition in as little time as possible, at a cost-effective price point.

Additionally, something often overlooked, is pre-cleaning the venue to make sure that high-contact surfaces have been disinfected to avoid getting anyone sick just before the holidays.


Special Services

Depending on the venue, the weather conditions, and the nature of your office's party, particular specialty cleaning services may be recommended.

As mentioned, it is advisable to consult an experienced janitorial services vendor regarding the venue before the event to determine an action plan and identify any areas that should be pre-cleaned to avoid the potential for germ transfer, especially in an unfamiliar location.


Parking Lot & Walkway

Creating the right atmosphere is vital to the success of any party, and that starts with an appealing appearance.

Parking lots and walkways should be free of garbage and any debris that may lead to an accident or slip and fall.

Additionally, walkway mats, even temporary ones, should be used to further protect from accidental slips, as well as decrease the amount of time it takes to clean the floors and prevent mud from being tracked across the venue floor.

A pre-consultation with a janitorial vendor will help ensure that trash cans, ashtrays, and walkway mats are available in central locations; simplifying litter removal and the amount of time necessary to clean up after the event has concluded.


General Cleanup

A general cleanup is required upon event completion but is also recommended before the event starting, especially if it is indoors in an unfamiliar location where the involved parties are unfamiliar with the level of sanitation.

Green cleaning practices and chemicals will ensure that all high-contact surfaces are decontaminated before the outset, protecting the health and safety of those attending, as well as reduce the amount of time required to turn the venue back over and make it available for new events.

If the venue has been closed off and unused for any length of time, the following pre-cleanup is advised:

  • Ventilate the space by opening all doors and windows, where practical and available.
  • Start by dusting everything top to bottom while the room is airing out to avoid any unfortunate allergic or asthma-related reactions in visitors.
  • Disinfect all flat, non-porous surfaces, mainly when food will be prepared or served.
  • Depending on the condition of the floor, and the requirements of the venue, clean all carpets with a HEPA filtered vacuum to reduce indoor VOC's and improve air quality.
  • Use this opportunity to prepare the venue to look its best by removing cobwebs and cleaning windows, as practical.
  • Sweep or wash down the sidewalk leading up to the venue to ensure an ideal first impression.


Carpets & Floors

Depending on the weather outside during your office's holiday party, carpet cleaning services will most likely be called for after the event has concluded.

A full, deep extraction clean of the venue carpet is, most likely, not going to be called for.

However, a thorough mopping and scrub down of hard floors are advisable before and after the event to reduce the likelihood of accidents and germ transfer.

Once the event has concluded, advanced green carpet cleaning methods can be employed to return the venue to its pre-event condition, with minimal vacancy time required before the next event can proceed; endearing you and your company to the site's facilities management.



Group outings and events, especially office holiday parties, are occasions for employee's to reflect on the year and rejoice in their success; not clean up after everyone else's mess.

To ensure the party goes off without a hitch, make sure to consult a janitorial vendor before the event to identify any areas of concern, and map out a plan to have everything up and running, then returned to pre-event conditions as efficiently as possible.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of green janitorial services for your office party or special event, contact us today for a free quote!

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