Carpet Cleaning Tips for the Winter

Carpet Cleaning Tips for the Winter

Green carpet cleaning tips to keep your home and office floors clean and healthy throughout the winter.

Carpet Cleaning Tips for the Winter - Fresno CA

Winter Carpet Cleaning Tips

Winter is coming.

That means rain, snow, mud, and bad Game of Thrones references.

It also means germs and bacteria tracked into your office on the feet of unwary visitors, as well as a buildup of filth that, if left unchecked, can wreak havoc on the health of your home, office, family, and employees.

The first step to protecting your floors is to prevent as much filth from being tracked in as possible.



Preventing mud and snow from being tracked into your home is usually relatively easy, just have everyone wipe their feet before they enter, and leave their shoes outside or in the entryway.

For extraordinarily muddy or snowy areas where muck accumulates on boots, use a mud scraper; this is especially useful for businesses where workers are returning to the office from fieldwork.

Place floor mats on the inside and outside of all entrances and exits to trap as much dirt as possible before entering the building, and preventing germ transfer to the carpet.

Depending on the amount and type of traffic through your office, shake out the mats daily, and have them professionally cleaned monthly.


Daily Maintenance

Preventing mud and snow from tracking across your carpets is a good start, but no mat or shoe scrubber can catch everything, which is why it is vital to employ routine carpet maintenance.

Sweep hard floors with a microfiber broom at the end of each workday, and then go over them again with a microfiber mop.

Run a HEPA filtered vacuum across all carpets and rugs, at least lightly, on a daily basis.

For in-house employees, especially in buildings with a lot of high-traffic flooring, and where commercial cleaning services are out of the budget, consider investing in a backpack vacuum.

Backpack vacuums will allow the cleaning team to maneuver quickly around desks and other office furniture and will assist your staff with completing the task in a shorter period, as well as lightening the perceived load.


Spot Cleaning & Stain Removal

Depending on the type of spill, small stains do not represent a health risk.

However, the type of stain removal product you use can contribute to health issues after long-term exposure, or quickly if occupants are allergic or have respiratory problems.

A safer alternative is to;

  • Clean up any solid matter.
  • Absorb any liquid with a microfiber towel.
  • Spray an equal mixture of white vinegar and water onto the remainder of the stain and allow to soak in.
  • Blot up the remaining liquid with another microfiber towel.
  • Once the spot has dried, go over it with a HEPA filtered vacuum.

For heavy duty stains;

  • Combine 1/4 each of vinegar, borax, and salt to form a paste.
  • Use a soft nylon scrub brush to rub the paste into the stain.
  • Once the solution has dried and turned into a powder, go over the spot with a HEPA filtered vacuum.

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Quarterly Maintenance

It is recommended to have your carpets bonnet cleaned or shampooed, depending on the type of flooring, just before and then following the winter season; monthly for heavily trafficked paths.

This will help reduce the number of germs and bacteria; especially significant to businesses, schools, and parents during the cold and flu season.

Bonnet cleaning is best for short fiber offices, typically found in offices, and better left to trained personnel.

Carpet shampooing is relatively simple, with entry-level, commercial grade cleaners available for rent.

Avoid the use of commercial detergents and shampoos, as they emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which can be dangerous to humans, especially in poorly ventilated rooms, or with prolonged exposure.

For more information, check out our resource on safe, eco-friendly carpet cleaning alternatives;





Every day, people unwittingly track germs and contagious bacteria, as well as dirt and other filth, across carpets in their homes and offices.

Unfortunately, the products and tools typically employed today are subpar, at best and, at worst, deadly.

A professional green carpet cleaning specialist can help you build a safer plan for healthier schools, homes, and offices.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of professional carpet cleaning services for your home or business, contact us today for a free quote!

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