Cleaning Services – Open Office Plans and Employee Illness

Cleaning Services – Open Office Plans and Employee Illness

Cleaning services will help you to deal with the unfortunate drawbacks of open office plans, specifically increased employee illness.

Cleaning Services - Open Office Plans & Employee Illness - Fresno CA

Cleaning Services for Open Office Plans

One of the most significant benefits of open office floor plans is also its most significant drawback--employee interaction.

Removing barriers between employees allow them to collaborate in a more efficient manner.

Increased collaboration improves business efficacy and productivity.

The removal of the walls and cubicle dividers also reduces an organization's infrastructure costs.

Unfortunately, the removal of those barriers leaves employees at an increased risk for the spread of germs and illness.

Even worse, the concept of flex-offices.

For those familiar with military practices, think hot-racking.

Desks are 'unassigned' or replaced by open tables, shared by a rotating cast of random employees.


The Business Problem with Open Office Plans

Traditional office plans have enough issues.

Sick Building Syndrome is one of those issues contributing to profit loss and employee illness.

The constant exposure to indoor air pollution, noise, and the hygienic issues of those around us can trigger SBS, ultimately leading to a fall in business profits and productivity.

Flex-office plans leave individuals more exposed as a result of their design, leaving workers at the mercy of everyone who has recently used that workspace.

These types of plans belay any productivity advantage by reducing employee engagement as a result of illness related exhaustion.

The highest significant risk for short sick leave spells was found among employees in small...[sic]...and large open-plan office...[sic]...followed by medium-sized open-plan offices...[sic].

The same office types had the highest risk also in the women-only analysis, although less significantly than in the total sample...[sic].

For men-only analysis, flex-offices were associated with a significantly higher risk for short sick leave spells...[sic].

-Office design's impact on sick leave rates


Special Cleaning Services Scheduling

The increased proximity and centralized location of employees will create a concentrated area of germs and bacteria.

Their closeness, while beneficial for the spread of ideas, will also increase the rate of the proliferation of those germs from one person to the other.

Given studies have found our office desks, keyboards, mice, and phones to be more germ-ridden than a toilet seat, an increased rate of cleaning services will be required in such close quarters.


The Necessity of Green Cleaning

Green cleaning practices ensure that germs and bacteria are removed, as opposed to pushed around, as is the case with conventional janitorial services.

Carpet and floor cleaning services will also need to increase in frequency to address the centralized traffic and the soil and mud that comes with it.

Advanced dirt extraction and buffer carpet cleaning will reduce the number of chemicals introduced into the environment without contributing to mold and bacteria growth due to increased humidity, frequent with traditional carpet cleaning methods.

Additionally, the reduced overall cost of green cleaning services will allow a business to realize its true goal behind open office designs; increased productivity at a decreased cost of operation.





Two of the main advantages of open and flex office designs are:

  • Cost reduction, and;
  • Improved efficiency.

To remain competitive, your business will need your cleaning service provider to work fast, efficiently, and effectively.

You will also need the cleaning chemicals they use to follow green standards to avoid contributing to indoor pollution and allergic reactions.

The provider will also need to offer highly competitive pricing to match the increased demand for cleaning services due to increased, centralized traffic.

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