Janitorial Services – HEPA Filtration for Health

Janitorial Services – HEPA Filtration for Health

Modern janitorial services and professional green cleaning services strongly favor HEPA filtration systems in their vacuum's, and other related equipment to capture and remove the maximum amount of dirt, dust mites, and bacteria possible.

Janitorial Services - HEPA Filtration for Health - Bakersfield CA

Professional Janitorial Services and HEPA Filters

HEPA filtration systems are used on everything from vacuum cleaners to HVAC filters and air purification systems used to de-smoke interior spaces after fires.

They are capable of capturing more than 99.9% of particulate matter in the air, up to 3 micrometers in diameter.

HEPA filters are comprised of layers of randomly laid fibers, typically made of fiberglass; with diameters ranging from 0.5 to 2 micrometers.


How HEPA Filtration Works


Janitorial Services - HEPA Filtration for Health

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HEPA filters attract and trap pollutants and particles in the air via a combination of three processes:

  • Interception - Particles flowing through the screen within a specific radius are captured and directly adhere to one of the HEPA strands.
  • Impaction - Where larger particles are captured within the filter due to its inability to follow the air flow any further through the screen and embed themselves directly into one of the strands. The effectiveness of this process can be increased by decreasing the amount of space between the fibers or increasing the rate of air flow.
  • Diffusion - The dominant process in low airflow environments, ideal for capturing microscopic particles as they interact with neighboring molecules and 'bounce' through the HEPA filter, ultimately causing the particle to be captured by Interception or Impaction.


Advantages of HEPA Filtration

When implemented throughout a building, and utilized on a regular basis, HEPA filters afford several benefits to businesses.

  • Significantly reduces indoor air pollution.
  • Removes airborne virus', bacteria, mold, dust, dander, and other illness-causing particles from the air.
  • Improves the overall wellness of the building and occupants, especially those falling within sensitive groups, such as individuals with pre-existing lung or respiratory issues like asthma.
  • Reduces fatigue commonly associated with indoor workers due to poor air quality.

When used in conjunction, HEPA filters in vacuum's, HVAC filters, and additional air purifiers can eliminate nearly all illness causing or germ carrying particulate matter from carpets, furniture, and the air flow system.


Advice for Use

Depending on the environment HEPA filters are employed in, they will need to either be changed out or cleaned according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

For use in the home, HEPA filtered vacuums can typically be washed out and reused several times before replacement.

In hospitals, where the filters likely contain significant amounts of toxic/contaminated particles, especially in HVAC and air purifier systems, the filters will need to be removed by trained personnel with OSHA approved equipment and disposed of as medical waste.

If you plan to implement HEPA filtration systems in your office environment, consult with a professional to determine the total cost of ownership and best-use guidelines to eliminate unnecessary waste being added back to the environment.

Educate yourself on the different types and standards of HEPA filtration systems to make sure that it is appropriate for your specific needs and environment.

Routinely evaluate the performance of the system to ensure its continued quality of use and effectiveness.





HEPA filtration is an advanced air filtering system that utilizes multiple complementary methods to remove toxins, pollutants, mold, dust, bacteria, and other particulate matter from indoor environments.

HEPA is used in businesses to improve employee health and eliminate the spread of germs, as well as fatigue associated with poor indoor air quality.

HEPA is heavily used in hospitals to combat the spread of dangerous airborne virus', and so must be treated and disposed of by trained staff members.

It is imperative to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for use, cleaning, and disposal to avoid introducing pollutants back into the environment.

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