8 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Janitorial Service

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Janitorial Service

Discover the critical oversights most businesses make when selecting a janitorial service, and ensure your choice enhances, not hinders your professional environment.

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Janitorial Service

1. Overlooking Client Testimonials

One common error businesses make when choosing a janitorial service is neglecting to consider client testimonials.

Testimonials provide invaluable insights into service quality and customer satisfaction levels.

As highlighted in a study by Ye, Law, and Gu (2009), customer reviews significantly influence potential clients' decision-making processes.


2. Not Verifying Eco-Friendly Product Claims

Another critical mistake is failing to verify eco-friendly product claims made by janitorial services.

With the growing concern for environmental sustainability, many companies claim to use green products.

However, as emphasized by Delmas and Burbano (2011), the authenticity of these claims can vary.

Businesses must request proof of these eco-friendly practices to ensure they align with their environmental values.


3. Ignoring Staff Training and Background Checks

Many businesses overlook the importance of enquiring about the janitorial staff's training and background checks.

Properly trained staff ensures efficient cleaning, while background checks are crucial for security.

A study by Marryville University (2021) highlights the importance of training in service industry effectiveness.


4. Neglecting to Assess Insurance and Liability Coverage

Failing to confirm the janitorial service's insurance and liability coverage can be a costly oversight.

Insurance protects against potential damages or accidents during cleaning.

A report by McKendrick (2017) details the importance of liability insurance in business services.


5. Not Setting Clear Service Expectations

A common mistake is not establishing clear service expectations and deliverables.

This lack of clarity can lead to dissatisfaction with the services provided.

Gilmore (2003) emphasizes the significance of clear service level agreements in outsourcing services.


6. Overlooking the Flexibility and Scalability of Services

Businesses often fail to consider the janitorial service's flexibility and scalability.

Flexibility in legal contracts bears striking similarities to a team of professional athletes under the tutelage of a watchful coach. The coach (like the user in an outsourcing agreement), studies and selects athletes (a service provider), based on their aptitudes for flexibility and coachability, as well as their existing skills and past performances. Part of the coach’s job is to design limbering exercises to build stamina, enable bursts of strength and ensure flexibility. Over time, the team and coach build trust in each other and are able to use that trust in responding flexibly to zig-zags and challenges that even the coach had not foreseen. Bierce, B. (1999)


7. Disregarding Communication and Reporting Protocols

Not discussing communication and reporting protocols can lead to operational inefficiencies.

Effective communication ensures smooth operations and problem resolution.

Communication is a vital management component to any organization. Whether the purpose is to update employees on new policies, to prepare for a weather disaster, to ensure safety throughout the organization or to listen to the attitudes of employees, effective communication is an integral issue in effective management. To be successful, organizations should have comprehensive policies and strategies for communicating with their constituencies, employees and stakeholders as well as with the community at large. SHRM (2018)


8. Failing to Compare and Contrast Different Service Providers

Lastly, not comparing different service providers is a significant oversight.

Evaluating multiple options ensures the best fit for the company's needs.

Porter's (1980) framework on competitive strategy is relevant in understanding the importance of comparison in service selection.



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Selecting the right janitorial service for your business involves more than just considering the cost.

It requires due diligence in several critical areas to ensure that the service aligns with your company's needs, values, and expectations.

By avoiding the eight common mistakes outlined in this article—from overlooking client testimonials and eco-friendly claims to ignoring staff training and failing to compare different providers—you can make a more informed decision that benefits your business in the long run.

Remember, the cleanliness and maintenance of your workspace not only reflect your business's professionalism but also contribute to the overall health and well-being of your employees and customers.

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