The Financial Impact: ROI of Investing in Professional Janitorial Services

The Financial Impact: ROI of Investing in Professional Janitorial Services

Unlock the hidden savings and productivity boosts that professional janitorial services bring to the modern workspace.

The Financial Impact: ROI of Investing in Professional Janitorial Services

Unveiling the Economic Benefits: Why Professional Janitorial Services are a Smart Investment

Financial prudence is at the heart of every successful business operation.

While certain expenditures can be viewed as unnecessary outlays, others, when evaluated deeply, reveal themselves as intelligent investments.

Investing in professional janitorial services falls firmly in the latter category.

Businesses can uncover potential cost savings and numerous ancillary benefits by understanding the Return on Investment (ROI) derived from professional cleaning services.


Reducing Employee Sick Days

A clean and sanitized workspace directly correlates with the health of the workforce.

Fewer germs mean fewer sick days, which translates to maintained productivity levels and reduced indirect costs associated with employee absenteeism.

According to a 2013 Executive Summary published by the Society for Human Resource Management;

Productivity loss due to replacement varied by type of employee absence, with the average productivity loss associated with an unplanned absence being the highest (36.6%) and the average productivity loss related to a planned absence being the lowest (22.6%); the productivity loss due to replacement for an extended absence was 34.0% (see Executive Summary: Total Financial Impact of Employee Absences in the U.S. 3 Table 4). Given the higher frequency of unplanned absences compared with extended leave and the higher productivity loss associated with unplanned absences, these absences may be the greatest cause for concern in terms of controlling costs. On average, co-workers were 29.5% less productive when providing coverage for a “typical absence day;” supervisors were 15.7% less productive.[1]


Enhancing Employee Productivity

A clean environment is a productive environment.

Employees in tidy and hygienic spaces are less distracted, more focused, and more satisfied.

This boosts overall output and efficiency.[2]


Extending Asset Lifespan

Regular and professional cleaning can extend the lifespan of office assets.

Proper care ensures fewer replacements and repairs, whether carpets, electronics, or furniture, resulting in direct cost savings.[3]


Avoiding Legal Liabilities

Slip-and-fall accidents, often resulting from unclean or unsafe environments, can lead to potential legal liabilities.

According to Workers Compensation statistics from ITT-Hartford Insurance Company, falls account for 16% of all claims and 26% of all costs. This compares to 33% of costs associated with sprains and strains.

Compensation & medical costs associated with employee slip/fall accidents is approximately $70 billion annually.[3]

Ensuring a professionally cleaned space can mitigate such risks, saving potential legal costs.


Positive Brand Image

First impressions matter.[4]

A meticulously clean office space can impress clients, stakeholders, and potential employees.

This can translate to increased business opportunities and a more favorable market reputation.


Cost Predictability

Relying on a professional janitorial service can offer more predictable monthly cleaning expenses compared to handling ad-hoc cleaning emergencies or in-house cleaning teams with variable costs.[5]


Why Outsourcing Janitorial Services Makes Perfect Sense for Your Business

  • Expertise and Specialization: One of the primary advantages of outsourcing janitorial services is the expertise that specialized companies bring. Vanguard Cleaning Systems, for instance, has refined its processes, techniques, and methodologies over time to offer top-notch cleaning services. This specialization ensures a consistently high-quality service, something that might be challenging to achieve with an in-house team that isn't solely focused on cleaning.
  • Cost-Effective: Outsourcing can lead to significant cost savings. Instead of hiring full-time employees and investing in equipment, training, and other related expenses, businesses can get superior service at a fraction of the cost. The economies of scale that companies like Vanguard bring can lead to better pricing for their clients.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: As business needs change, it's much easier to scale up or down with an outsourced service. Whether expanding to new office spaces or adjusting cleaning schedules for special events, a dedicated janitorial service can adapt more swiftly than an in-house team.
  • Advanced Equipment and Solutions: Professional janitorial companies invest heavily in the latest cleaning equipment and eco-friendly solutions. This ensures thorough cleaning and reduces the environmental impact, something that's increasingly important in today's business landscape.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Managing an in-house cleaning team requires oversight, payroll management, scheduling, and more. By outsourcing, businesses can free up administrative resources and focus on core competencies, letting the experts handle cleanliness.
  • Liability and Compliance: Professional cleaning services are well-versed in the latest safety and health regulations. They often carry insurance to cover potential damages or accidents, reducing the liability businesses might face with an in-house team.
  • Consistency: With a dedicated team on the job, businesses can expect a consistent level of cleanliness. Outsourced companies have quality checks and standards to ensure the same level of service is maintained every time.



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The decision to invest in professional janitorial services transcends mere cleanliness. It's a strategic choice that offers tangible financial benefits and establishes a foundation for operational excellence.

When assessing the ROI, consider the immediate cost savings and the long-term value it brings your business operations.

Take the leap towards a cleaner, more efficient workspace—reach out to our team today for a bespoke janitorial solution tailored to your needs.

If you would like more information regarding the effectiveness of high-performance infection prevention and control measures, or if you would like to schedule a free, no-obligation on-site assessment of your facility's custodial needs, contact us today for a free quote!

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