Elevating Facility Cleanliness and Safety: Going Above and Beyond

Elevating Facility Cleanliness and Safety: Going Above and Beyond

Improving facility cleanliness and safety standards in schools and businesses requires a proactive approach beyond currently accepted practices.

Elevating Facility Cleanliness and Safety Going Above and Beyond

The Importance of Maintaining High Standards of Facility Cleanliness and Safety

Maintaining high standards of facility cleanliness and safety is crucial for several reasons:

  • Health and Well-being - Clean and safe environments promote better health outcomes for individuals. Minimizing the presence of pathogens and hazards reduces the risk of infections and accidents, leading to healthier and more productive communities.
  • Disease Prevention - Effective cleanliness practices help prevent the spread of contagious diseases like colds, flu, and COVID-19. Regular cleaning, disinfection of surfaces, and hand hygiene measures play a significant role in breaking the transmission chain.
  • Reputation and Trust - A clean and safe facility enhances the reputation and credibility of schools and businesses. Visitors, customers, and stakeholders are likelier to trust and engage with organizations prioritizing cleanliness and safety, fostering positive relationships and long-term loyalty.
  • Productivity and Performance - Clean and safe environments improve productivity and performance. By minimizing illness-related absences and injuries, businesses can maintain a more consistent workforce, reduce disruptions, and improve efficiency.
  • Compliance and Legal Requirements - Adhering to established cleanliness and safety standards ensure compliance with legal regulations and industry guidelines. By meeting or exceeding these requirements, schools and businesses can avoid penalties, litigation, and reputational damage.
  • Peace of Mind - Clean and safe environments provide peace of mind to occupants. Students, employees, and customers feel more comfortable and confident in their surroundings when they know that proactive measures are in place to protect their well-being.
  • Positive Learning and Working Environments - Clean and safe spaces create positive learning and working environments. Students can focus better, and employees feel valued and supported, and overall morale improves, leading to enhanced educational outcomes and increased job satisfaction.



Going Above and Beyond

Going beyond currently accepted practices is essential to continually improve facility cleanliness and safety.


Evolving Threats

The landscape of infectious diseases and safety hazards constantly evolves.

Currently accepted practices may not adequately address emerging threats or new strains of pathogens.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine;

Emerging diseases include:

  • HIV infections
  • SARS
  • Lyme disease
  • Escherichia coli O157:H7 (E. coli)
  • Hantavirus
  • Dengue fever
  • West Nile virus
  • The Zika virus

Reemerging diseases include:

  • Malaria
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cholera
  • Pertussis
  • Influenza
  • Pneumococcal disease
  • Gonorrhea [2]


Advancements in Knowledge

Ongoing research and technological advancements provide valuable insights and tools to enhance cleanliness and safety.

By exploring and incorporating new knowledge, schools and businesses can implement more effective strategies and methods.

Examples include using numbered and color-coded microfiber towels to greatly reduce cross-contamination and electrostatic-disinfection sprayers to significantly improve cleaning outcomes in large, challenging-to-sanitize buildings, such as gyms.


Rising Expectations

Public expectations for cleanliness and safety have increased, especially in light of recent global health challenges.

Simply meeting the minimum requirements may not be sufficient to gain the trust and confidence of stakeholders.

Going beyond current practices demonstrates a commitment to excellence and ensures occupants' satisfaction.

According to EY consumer data, seven in 10 consumers say they remain more aware of hygiene and sanitation in business.

Ecolab’s “Post-Vaccine Consumer Attitude Survey” from January 2021 found that 95% of those surveyed want to see as many—or more—cleaning practices in place even after the COVID-19 vaccine is widely distributed.

As consumer priorities shift, operators will need to be mindful of cleaning for appearance versus cleaning for confidence—cleaning for appearance means implementing processes that ensure things look and smell clean, while cleaning for confidence means ensuring things have been properly disinfected and conveying that to the consumer. [3]


Competitive Advantage

Going beyond current practices can give schools and businesses a competitive edge.

Organizations that prioritize and excel in cleanliness and safety are more likely to attract and retain students, employees, customers, and partners.

It enhances their reputation and distinguishes them from competitors.

Having a clean and healthy workspace is a major cornerstone when it comes to running a successful business.

However, most business owners take notice of such things only when they get completely out of hand.

Instead, you need to make sure your offices are regularly cleaned and maintained in order to ensure that your employees are happy, healthy and productive while also leaving a good first impression on business partners and potential customers. [4]


Risk Mitigation

By proactively implementing stricter standards, organizations can reduce the risk of potential outbreaks, accidents, or legal liabilities.

Going beyond current practices can help identify and address vulnerabilities before they become significant issues, protecting the well-being of occupants and the organization's interests.

[...] the Ninth Circuit may have effectively forced the California Supreme Court to decide whether the multitude of currently pending cases involving the alleged spread of the COVID virus from employees to their family members, including See’s, are viable.

Even if your business has not been involved in a lawsuit like See’s and Kuciemba, the California Supreme Court’s response to Kuciemba may have profound ramifications for not only the existing and future COVID-related cases, but to any claim by third parties for injuries related to a workplace injury or illness.

While most common types of third-party injuries (the death of the employee, loss of income, loss of consortium, etc.) will remain within the exclusive jurisdiction of the WCA, should the California Supreme Court rule consistently with See’s, we could see a broadening of exceptions to that exclusivity. [5]


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Striving for excellence in cleanliness and safety fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

It encourages regular evaluation, feedback, and innovation, leading to more efficient and effective protocols.

Going beyond current practices ensures that organizations remain at the forefront of facility cleanliness and safety.

Outsourcing is a proven method for onboarding highly in-demand cleaning and disinfection services and experience for a fraction of the price of maintaining a similar service in-house.

If you would like more information regarding the effectiveness of high-performance infection prevention and control measures, or if you would like to schedule a free, no-obligation on-site assessment of your facility's custodial needs, contact us today for a free quote!

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