Office Cleaning Tips for Hot Weather

Office Cleaning Tips for Hot Weather

Check out our latest office cleaning tips to keep your employees healthy and happy throughout the hot summer!

Office Cleaning Tips for Hot Weather - Valencia CA

Office Cleaning Tips to Stay Healthy in Hot Weather

Hot summer days are here for the foreseeable future, and that means one thing--reduced employee productivity.

According to Engage for Success, citing a survey of 2000 employees conducted by One Poll:

  • 30% of workers exceed their designated lunch breaks by nearly 13 minutes.
  • Workers leave the office on average 2.3 days per week.
  • 12% admitted to extending lunch breaks by more than 20 minutes.
  • 40% of men reported being more likely to have an alcoholic drink during their summer lunch breaks.
  • More than 50% of 18-24-year-olds were likely to drink during lunch hours.

The impact of fair weather is palpable for office workers, those with a rigid formal dress code are the least likely to work overtime during the summer (3%), as opposed to 16% of those with casual dress codes willing to stay back after hours.

Whether it’s the provision of effective temperature control systems, a dress code change, as already called for by the Trades Union Congress, or a crackdown on lunchtime laxity, summer adaptations to office regimes seem likely to deliver improvements in staff morale and efficiency.

Does the Hot Weather Affect Productivity?

Unfortunately, the issues do not stop there.

Hot weather contributes to increased smog and decreased air quality, which we all know means unhealthier and less productive students and workers.

According to Time:

Ground-level ozone (or “smog”) is formed when hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide pollution from vehicles, power plants, and other combustion combines in sunlight and heat.

So, if there’s more sunlight and heat, there will be more ozone in the air.

Why Bad Heat = Bad Air


What Hot Weather Does to Your Workers

The hotter it is, the more you sweat.

The bacteria from sweat, combined with documented food and dust particles at employees' desks, which are statistically rarely disinfected, can lead to a microbial count higher than the average office toilet seat.

Combined with poor hand hygiene and sanitation practices, your office now has a recipe for disaster.

Once you throw in elevated air pollution and temperatures, your classroom or office building is now ripe for the emergence of Sick Building Syndrome, as well as the reduced productivity, worker engagement, and profits associated with the illness.

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Green Cleaning Tips

The two primary challenges businesses will face in the hot weather, as it relates to cleaning and student or work productivity, are the temperature and cleanliness of the air, which directly impacts nearly every other aspect of working indoors.

  • Dust and vacuum daily with a HEPA filtered vacuum.
  • If you have not yet, implement walkway and entry matting to trap dust before it enters the indoor air flow.  Make sure to vacuum the mats daily and have them replaced or professionally cleaned monthly.  Matting will also help trap all the now very loose oils and other toxins on the sidewalk and street.
  • Keep your parking lot and walkways clean to avoid tracking in excessive dirt.
  • Wipe down all hotspots, especially in break rooms, dining areas, and desks where employees will be sweating more than usual.
  • Studies have shown that bacteria from sweat love polyester, so consider easing the formal business or dress attire, especially during ongoing heat waves.
  • Keep the temperature cool and the air clean by turning down the air to a comfortable level and placing HEPA air filters, preferably with UV light sanitation to clean the air that passes through the vent.
  • Ensure uniforms are professionally laundered to remove excessive bacteria and the dirt it attracts.
  • Avoid using air perfumes, which only increase indoor air pollution and may combine with ozone to form a synthetic formaldehyde, to cover bad smells, and address the issue at its source.
  • Get rid of dirty mops, rags, towels, and other fouled cleaning supplies and replace them with superior microfiber cloths and mop heads.


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Excessive heat waves have been shown to contribute to the summer itch, which costs businesses untold millions yearly in lost productivity.

Implementing a few cost-effective adjustments, as well as introducing green office cleaning and LEED Green Building policies will improve worker, student, and customer satisfaction, while maintaining expected output and work quality.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of certified green office cleaning practices for your school or business, contact us today for a free quote!

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