Enhanced Facility Disinfection Program

Our four-step disinfection program meticulously eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses

When it comes to facility disinfection, Vanguard Cleaning Systems always adheres to best practices recommended by the CDC. . Our four-step disinfection process uses only EPA-approved disinfectants and cleaning products, and produces excellent results that you can rely on. Here’s how we disinfect your facility:


Step 1: Assessment

We survey your facility carefully to understand how people move and interact in your environment. The main aim here is to determine which parts of your facility have high traffic and interactivity, such as door handles and touch screen devices. Diseases like COVID-19 spread easily in these areas and they need to be disinfected effectively.


Step 2: Determining the Scope of Work

Once we have assessed your facility, our team will determine what methods of disinfection we need to use in each area. This includes ascertaining which disinfectants and cleaning agents we need to use on each kind of surface and what our cleaning schedule will be.


Step 3: Disinfection

Our team starts off cleaning any dirty surfaces and preparing them for disinfection. We then spray or apply disinfectant on the areas that were marked out earlier as high risk. The EPA-approved disinfectant needs to remain on these surfaces for up to 10 minutes, and we’ll wipe everything down within that time limit to prevent any damage. For quick turnover and disinfecting large spaces such as auditoriums, we use special air or electrostatic sprayers to cover a larger area more efficiently.